My Wonderful Life Review: Agata Buzek’s Polish Drama Shows Us the Turmoil of Breaking Free

Netflix’s My Wonderful Life aka Moje Wspaniale Zycie is a Polish drama directed and written by Lukasz Grzegorzek. The film stars Agata Buzek in the role of the portagonist named Joanna Lisiecka aka Jo. Other cast members include Jacek Braciak as Witek Lisiecki, Adam Woronowicz as as Maciek, Malgorzata Zajaczkowska as the Grandma, Pawel Kruszelnicki as Jan, Jakub Zajac as Adam, Wiktoria Wolanska as Karina and Leon Grzegorzek as Leos. The runtime of the film is 1 hour 40 minutes with subtitles and audio present both in Polish and English.

– Moje Wspaniale Zycie aka My Wonderful Life Review Does Not Contain Any Spoilers –

Moje Wspaniale Zycie aka My Wonderful Life: It isn’t what it always looks like

Netflix’s latest Polish title might just cover the same old topics of infidelity, breaking free from mundane life, the consequences of it and similar tropes. But, the film somehow elevates your experience with the right use of music, cinematography and direction.

We meet our protagonist Joanna, referred to also as Jo during the course of the film. A working woman with a family that keeps her tied and occupied, Jo’s life seems stressful but, also the ideal suburban one you can imagine. She works as an English teacher in a school where her husband serves as the principal. She is the mother to two sons, one of them in school and, one married, who lives with his wife and child in the same house. There is also Jo’s mother who is a part of this family.

But underneath all the perfection and wonderfulness of this family lies the horrible and, terrifying real truth of life. Jo’s husband is falling apart and her mother is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Her eldest son cannot tolerate being a father with a wife that bickers all the time and, her younger son’s graduation is at a questionable level. With all this on her plate, Jo tries hard to pull up everyone with positivity and keep the family together.

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But, it isn’t exactly how it looks like as our protagonist has a getaway secret of her own. However, the game of hiding cannot remain buried forever and someone starts to threaten to tear her seemingly perfect life and family apart. How Jo struggles with these changes and pressure in life and if her truth eventually gets revealed forms the overall premise of My Wonderful Life aka Moje Wspaniale Zycie.

Moje Wspaniale Zycie aka My Wonderful Life: Final Verdict

This Polish film on Netflix relies a lot on anticipation and anxiety which psychologically challenges the audiences and invites them to stay invested in the short film. Agata Buzek as the protagonist of this film really shines and you can actually see the turmoil that constantly rages inside her and how desperately she wants to leave it all but she knows she never can. The supporting cast is also perfect in playing their part.

The cinematography of this film isn’t lavish and does not goad of aesthetic aspects but there is a certain charm to it that keeps you engaged, be it the constant close up of the eyes or, the moments of isolation and contemplation, usually bathing the characters in a tinge of yellow.

You can watch the Polish drama My Wonderful Life aka Moje Wspaniale Zycie currently streaming on Netflix.

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My Wonderful Life is Netflix's latest Polish drama that is understated.

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My Wonderful Life is Netflix's latest Polish drama that is understated. My Wonderful Life Review: Agata Buzek's Polish Drama Shows Us the Turmoil of Breaking Free