My Liberation Notes Episode 7 Recap: Gi-jeong Falls In Love With Tae-hun

My Liberation Notes (나의 해방일지) is a Korean drama series directed by Kim Suk-yoon and stars Kim Ji-won, Lee Min-ki, Son Suk-ku and Lee El, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes. My Liberation Notes Episode 7 has a runtime of 65 minutes.

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– My Liberation Notes Episode 7 Recap contains spoilers –

In My Liberation Notes Episode 7, Mi-jeong’s father finds out that she has changed her home address. After being uneasy over it for some days, he finally asks Mi-jeong why and where she changed her address to. Mi-jeong is trapped and cannot think of making any smart excuses. She tells him that her friend asked her to do so to sign a loan for them. She doesn’t tell him the details or that she is paying a debt but her father asks her to change the address back and not to sign as anyone’s surety.

Chang-hee and his friend have been discussing their love lives and Mi-jeong joins them saying that her heart has never beaten fast for someone she likes. Her heart only beats faster for bad things like embarrassment, anger or running for 100 meters. She says that her heart beats slower when she likes someone. Chang-hee agrees with her and says that’s how it should be. Later, they call out Gi-jeong for how badly she treated someone who asked her out and says that is the reason she can never get love because it’s her karma.

My Liberation Notes Episode 7
Still from My Liberation Notes Episode 7

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At the office, The Joy Support Group Co-ordinator has joined The Liberation Club meeting to check on their activities and to see if they are fake or not. Three of them write their thoughts in their journal and speak them during the meeting. The Coordinator likes their activity and is happy with their execution. Gi-jeong needed Mi-jeong’s help to carry some things home and hence she had been waiting for their meeting to get over. She hears Tae-hun speaking about his weakness and how he wants to liberate from it for his daughter, which makes Gi-jeong upset for Tae-hun.

My Liberation Notes Episode 7
Still from My Liberation Notes Episode 7

Gi-jeong has been feeling something for Tae-hun that she has never felt for anyone. She gets his number from Mi-jeong and texts him that she will beat everyone who hurt Tae-hun in school. The quiet Tae-hun smiles reading someone’s texts for the first time in a long time. However, something stops him from engaging in more conversation with Gi-jeong and makes the reason work to stop the chat. Gi-jeong believes that it is her karma, as Chang-hee said, that is stopping her from getting love.

My Liberation Notes Episode 7 Ending

Gu catches Mi-jeong coming out of the bank in the middle of the day and understands that it has something to do with the loan without Mi-jeong telling him. Mi-jeong’s ex-boyfriend denied paying her money at the moment and Mi-jeong was about to become a delinquent borrower and lose her job. However, she uses all of her savings and pays off the debt. Gu knows her situation and asks her for her ex’s name and number but Mi-jeong refuses.

My Liberation Notes Episode 7
Still from My Liberation Notes Episode 7

Mi-jeong gets mad at Gu and tells him to help her only when she asks. She tells him to support her in whatever idiotic decision she makes so that one day she will feel confident about herself and might as well start to love herself. She wants to be confident enough to ask her ex for money herself. Gu confesses to her that he is a very scary man and doesn’t fear anyone but when Mi-jeong comes in front of him, he is very scared of her that he feels like an idiot. Gu and Mi-jeong are getting comfortable with each other as they share their sensitive feelings with each other.

My Liberation Notes Episode 7 Review

My Liberation Notes Episode 7 makes Tae-hun open up about something that he wants to liberate from. As Gi-jeong starts falling in love with Tae-hun, she realizes how judgemental she had been before and the price she has to pay now. On the other hand, Gu has started talking more and he has taken a liking to Mi-jeong, he has been performing his duty of worshipping Mi-jeong just right. The ways he talks about Mi-jeong will flutter anyone’s heart.

My Liberation Notes Episode 7 is available to watch on Netflix.

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In My Liberation Notes Episode 7, Gi-jeong realizes that her feelings for Tae-hun are more than just a crush.

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In My Liberation Notes Episode 7, Gi-jeong realizes that her feelings for Tae-hun are more than just a crush.My Liberation Notes Episode 7 Recap: Gi-jeong Falls In Love With Tae-hun