My Liberation Notes Episode 14 Recap: Yeom Siblings Try To Cope With Their Mother’s Loss

My Liberation Notes (나의 해방일지) is a Korean drama series directed by Kim Suk-yoon and stars Kim Ji-won, Lee Min-ki, Son Suk-ku and Lee El, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes. My Liberation Notes Episode 14 has a runtime of 72 minutes.

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– My Liberation Notes Episode 14 Recap contains spoilers –

In My Liberation Notes Episode 14, the Yeom siblings are shocked by the sudden demise of their mother. Chang-hee had found her first and he shares his previous experience with his grandmother who also passed away in sleep and he had found out first. Gi-jeong plays the role of the eldest daughter and takes care of meals for the family but she cries every day. Mi-jeong cries on the funeral day but has been silent afterwards.

My Liberation Notes Episode 14
My Liberation Notes Episode 14

Tae-hun visited Sanpo for three consecutive days after that tragic day and Gi-jeong hasn’t been able to visit Tae-hun lately because she has to go home early. Tae-hun requests her to stay back for some time because his sister has cooked some dishes for her family and he wants to drive her home. Gi-jeong is still emotional and when Tae-hun’s daughter asks her if adults also get sad if their mom leaves them, she starts crying. She asks Tae-hun’s daughter why she can’t be her mother. At the whim of the moment, she asks Tae-hun to get married and he replies yes.

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Mi-jeong’s boss is married but has been having an affair with one of the employees. Mi-jeong had seen his romantic chats but the name of saved was under her name. When Mi-jeong gets a call from his wife, she exposes her boss. She gets into a fight with the actual employee who has an affair with the boss and the three of them have to sit with HR for workplace conflict. This happens right before Mi-jeong was supposed to become a permanent employee.

My Liberation Notes Episode 14
Still from My Liberation Notes Episode 14

Chang-hee has asked Hyun-a to get married to him. He had asked it without a serious intention. However, Hyun-a’s sick boyfriend wants them to get married and live happily after he passes away. He wants them to live happily because he wants his happy friends in the afterlife. Chang-hee has been taking care of his father as he is unemployed at the moment and for the first time, his father agrees with him and lets him buy a car. He promises his father that they will all be happy again.

My Liberation Notes Episode 14 Ending

Gu has returned to Sanpo after two years and hears the story from Mi-jeong’s father who has remarried and lives with his wife. The siblings have moved out and live in Seoul. The father tells Gu that all the years, he believed he took care of his family but after his wife passed away, he realized that it was them who always took care of him. He is grateful towards them and now, lets them live however they want.

My Liberation Notes OST: My Spring By Lee Suhyun

He hands Gu Mi-jeong’s new cell phone number and Gu doesn’t hesitate to call her. Even after they are talking for the first time after two years, nothing has changed between them. There is no awkwardness or discomfort, it shows that they missed other so much and waited two years for this moment to happen.

My Liberation Notes Episode 14 Review

My Liberation Notes Episode 14 changed the dynamic of the Yeom family. It looked like the family would fall apart after their mom passed away but the siblings act strong and hold each other together. Even though they act recklessly personally, they do not let it affect their family. They all go through a phase of grief and it has been portrayed aptly.

My Liberation Notes Episode 14 is available to watch on Netflix.

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In My Liberation Notes Episode 14, Mi-jeong and Gi-jeong act recklessly their mom passes away.

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My Liberation Notes Episode 14 Recap: Yeom Siblings Try To Cope With Their Mother's LossIn My Liberation Notes Episode 14, Mi-jeong and Gi-jeong act recklessly their mom passes away.