My Liberation Notes Episode 12 Reactions: Fans Applaud Son Suk-ku’s Acting In The Heartbreaking Episode

My Liberation Notes Episode 12 ended with Gu leaving Sanpo for Seoul. He couldn’t ignore his past anymore and had to leave broken-hearted. This Kdrama is a slice of life series and feels like watching the story of your friends. This series stars Kim Ji-won, Lee Min-ki, Son Suk-ku and Lee El in lead roles.

In the latest episode of My Liberation Notes, Chang-hee’s car dream doesn’t last long as reality hits him. Gu’s past from Seoul keeps coming back to Sanpo and he has no choice but to leave when the safety of Mi-jeong is concerned. While Mi-jeong and Gu have to break up, Gi-jeong and Tae-hun have started dating and even his daughter has approved.

My Liberation Notes Episode 9
Still from My Liberation Notes Episode 12

A fan took to Twitter and wrote “Mijeong didnt bother at all when everyone mention how rich Mr. Gu is. She do not even care if Gu is alien. She just love him, as himself. No other, no matter what. He’s her soul now, her liberation. And when he left, her soul broken. #MyLiberationNotesEp12”

“Not your typical break-up scene—Mr. Gu’s practically begging Mijeong to cuss him out & make him accountable of the pain she’s feeling. Mijeong defies him and hints that she’ll choose to worship him all over again, even if they end up parting ways. #MyLiberationNotesEp12”, a viewer mentioned the most heartbreaking scene.

My Liberation Notes Episode 12 Reactions: Fans Applaud Son Suk-ku's Acting In The Heartbreaking Episode
Still from My Liberation Notes Episode 12

“”You have a woman here, don’t you?” HNGGGG MR. GU’S EXPRESSION 🤧🤧🤧 HE LOOKS LIKE HE’S READY TO PUNCH ANYONE WHO DARES TO COME NEAR HER #MyLiberationNotesEp12 #MyLiberationNotes”

“I’m crying for Papa Yeom 😭 he was legit training Mr. Gu to succeed the business, giving him tips about how to avoid losing money 🥺 + his last freaking words to him is that he’s always welcome in Sanpo 😭👍 #MyLiberationNotes #MyLiberationNotesEp12”, a fan wrote on Twitter.

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Check Out My Liberation Notes Episode 12 Reactions

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My Liberation Notes Episode 12 is available to watch on Netflix.

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