My Liberation Notes Episode 10 Recap: Gu Is Revealed To Be A Powerful Man In Hiding

My Liberation Notes (나의 해방일지) is a Korean drama series directed by Kim Suk-yoon and stars Kim Ji-won, Lee Min-ki, Son Suk-ku and Lee El, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes. My Liberation Notes Episode 10 has a runtime of 67 minutes.

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– My Liberation Notes Episode 10 Recap contains spoilers –

In My Liberation Notes Episode 10, Chang-hee can be seen in a different mood, a more peaceful mood. He doesn’t get irritated with A-reum and is happier these days. His colleagues wonder what has gotten into him and that’s when he reveals something that sounds too good to be true. Chang-hee has found a Rolls Royce Car key at Gu’s home and he has nothing to worry about if he can have that car. For that, he only has to ask Gu once his fight with Mi-jeong is over.

My Liberation Notes Episode 10
Still from My Liberation Notes Episode 10

Mi-jeong waited for Gu at the train station but he didn’t come. She finds him on her way back home among the wild dogs who were about to attack him. She scares them away but Gu gets angry at her because he believes bad luck should be faced little by little or it hits you big time if accumulated. Gu has been acting strangely on purpose and Mi-jeong knows it. Gu had made fool of Mi-jeong when she couldn’t get her money back from her ex but this time, Mi-jeong says to Gu that he is also an idiot who thinks getting bitten is easier than loving a woman.

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Tae-hun’s sister invites Gi-jeong over for a dinner but she doesn’t know what has happened between her brother and Gi-jeong. Tae-hun didn’t want to face Gi-jeong in front of her sisters but he has no choice now. However, everything goes wrong when Tae-hun’s daughter tells his sister what Gi-jeong had said about divorced fathers. She humiliates Gi-jeong and sends her away but is happier to know that she was rejected by Tae-hun.

My Liberation Notes Episode 10
Still from My Liberation Notes Episode 10

While working on sinks, Gu sees a man in a black suit outside, driving a posh car. Gu recognizes him and goes to Seoul to warn his ex’s brother, Baek to leave him alone as he is resting in the village or he will come back faster than he has expected. Gu seems to be powerful as everyone bows to him when he goes to that place which looks like a big club where illegal activities happen in secret.

My Liberation Notes Episode 10 Ending

After warning Baek, Gu’s mind seems to be back at ease and he picks Mi-jeong up from her office. He also asks her whether her rude boss has gone home or not. Mi-jeong is happy that Gu is in a better mood again and they go out to eat where Gu happily serves her food and brings her drinks. As their fight is now over, Chang-hee asks Gu about the car and shockingly, Gu has a Rolls Royce and gives it away to Chang-hee with no questions asked.

My Liberation Notes OST: My Spring By Lee Suhyun

In the epilogue, we see Gu wearing a luxurious suit coming out of the same club after a New Year party in 2022, thinking about Mi-jeong’s words that said that she has only dated disgusting men until now. Their story is about to take a turn if Gu has decided to go back to Seoul.

My Liberation Notes Episode 10 Review

In My Liberation Notes Episode 10, all the characters put an effort to overcome their shortcomings. Life is about living and learning from experiences. Sometimes it can be embarrassing, infuriating or heartbreaking but constantly trying become a better person makes living life more comfortable.

My Liberation Notes Episode 10 is available to watch on Netflix.

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In My Liberation Notes Episode 10, Gu pushes Mi-jeong away but she brings him closer again by just being herself.

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In My Liberation Notes Episode 10, Gu pushes Mi-jeong away but she brings him closer again by just being herself.My Liberation Notes Episode 10 Recap: Gu Is Revealed To Be A Powerful Man In Hiding