My Father’s Violin (2022) Review: Engin Altan Düzyatan Film is an Unrealistic Musical Drama

My Father’s Violin (Babamin Kemani in Turkish) is a heartfelt Turkish Drama starring Gülizar Nisa Uray, Engin Altan Düzyatan, Belçim Bilgin, Selim Erdogan, Ayfer Dönmez, Yigit Çakir, Erdem Bas, Yener Sezgin and others in its various lead and supporting roles. The synopsis of the film on Netflix reads, “Through their shared grief and connection to music, an orphaned girl bonds with her emotionally aloof, successful violinist uncle.” Directed by Andaç Haznedaroglu, My Father’s Violin is around 1 hour 52 minutes long. The audio is originally in English. However, the viewer can opt for English or Turkish subtitles. The movie is also dubbed in English.

– My Father’s Violin review does not contain spoilers –

My Father’s Violin narrates the story of Ozlem, an eight-year-old girl living with her father in Europe. She accompanies her father and his band to various parts of the city to play on the streets and earn their living. However, things become difficult when Ozlem’s father realizes that he is dying. After his death, Ozlem is handed over to the Child Protective Services, when the bandmates realize that Ozlem indeed has an uncle who can look after her. The story then follows the dynamic of Mehmet, a successful violinist and his niece, Ozlem.

From the opening to the credits, it is very apparent that music plays a great role in the portrayal of characters, their emotions and their relationship with their immediate surroundings, be it with others or with objects. Ozlem’s father aptly tells her that every human being has a distinct note or a tune and all one has to do is listen. Ozlem takes these words to heart, and it is this sentiment that is reflected throughout the film. The young actor, Gülizar Nisa Uray, does a wonderful job of playing the headstrong character of Ozlem.

My Father’s Violin has quite a few commendable elements that work in its favour. The wonderful cast is one of them. The film My Father’s Violin, however, fails to generously utilize the extremely scenic value of the location it was shot at. There are a lot of closeups all throughout the film that focuses on the eyes of the characters and it is this subtle touch that adds brilliantly to the uniqueness of the film. Mehmet’s issues with prioritization are palpable throughout the film. The state of constant conflict that he is in, regarding his personal life and his professional achievements causes Mehmet immense turmoil and it shows.

However, there is nothing novel about the core plot of My Father’s Violin. It starts off with a basic conflict and ends with the reconciliation of this said conflict. The plot oversimplifies a lot of complex human emotions which leads to certain scenes becoming quite unbelievable. The dialogue is not well handled and in certain scenes, it becomes incongruous with the emotions portrayed on the screen. The aftereffects and consequences that a child faces after losing the one closest to them are not touched upon at all. Ozlem’s seems to have no reaction after losing her father, which once more is quite unbelievable. 

My Father's Violin
My Father’s Violin

Summing up, My Father’s Violin

My Father’s Violin is an easy watch. Filled with beautiful violin numbers and musical compositions, it is indeed a treat to the ears. However, the plot of the film does take quite a few unexpected and unrealistic turns throughout its run time. If you can overlook some gross oversimplification of some basic human emotions, then do give this film a try. 

My Father’s Violin is now streaming on Netflix.

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My Father’s Violin is an easy and beautiful watch albeit a bit unrealistic and oversimplified.


  1. This film is by far the finest written, acted and mind blowing theater I have ever seen in my eighty=eight years of having experienced the loss of a beloved and musically deliciious father to an early divorce from my mother……………though only five, I really never understood nor tried to understand what was going on; this morning on Netflix I selected this film and realized the total honesty of it all and will forever consider it the best tonic for feeling abandoment as a youngster and the consequences which followed me through all these ywears……………Engin Altan ‘s ever so sincere role, beautifully rendered has MADE MY DAY and the perfection of Gulizar’s Nisa Uray’s made me a dancing, clapping, totally engrossed old girl once again………….Beautiful music, great acting, splendid story…..
    Thank you one and all!!

    • We loved this movie and Gulizar Nisa Uray❣My husband & I laughed and cried while totally in awe and wonder of all the music, in it’s splender.
      We are so happy we took a chance that the language wouldn’t be a distraction. We wondered if Gulizar actually played the violin 🎻.

  2. The film was beautiful and heartfelt. I believe it did not receive the ratings it deserved is because it did not have the left wing ideology that Netflix has on most of their content.

    • Left wing ideology? What an ignorant hate-filled statement.
      I loved this movie and I’m a bleeding liberal. At least we have feelings and care about others.
      Look at our honest loving President vs the psychopathic con-man you represent.

      • I have a TV Network, and this is one of the few movies on Netflix, I can even watch, Right wing or left wing, I think of what is good for me and family, Too much trash everywhere, and our country is going to n he’ll and the kids are killing themselves, because they have no guidance. If you really want to have this conversation, let’s do it.

  3. I think this movie is a masterpiece in drama. However, I was astonished with how they portrayed the main character mehmt as an emotional character, even though that he has been so practical throughout the whole movie but they were able to make a huge leap by changing his personality into a loving one after thirty something years.
    Overall, I am willing to rewatch the movie a couple of times since it made me so happy just by watching it.

  4. I love this movie!! The actors are just superb and the little girl is just adorable!! I watched the movie yesterday, and just watched it again for a second time on Netflix because I simply loved it and of course also the music!!!

  5. Yes, the girl is adorable. But it is not a very convincing movie from a musical point of view. They needed better musical coaching. The acted violin performances from the leads are pretty poor. Only an uneducated idiot would believe that these people were actually playing. And since the movie is so heavily dependent on the musical aspects, it really takes away from it. The emotionally shallow violinist Mehmet is a real turn-off, and not a very credible portrayal of a real musician. Even background aspects of the musical life of these people (e.g., playing the piano with the lid down, his nastiness toward orchestral players, the cheap electronic organ in the house) are not believable. Overall, it’s a pretty shallow movie.

    • Maybe you can help me find the title of the song played to open the concert, when Suna played the piano. It’s such a beautiful song and I can’t find anywhere it’s title.

    • Since when are ACTORS expected to have the ability to play an instrument at professional concert levels, perform every acrobatic stunt, car racing crashes, etc. for their roles in movies? . Maybe “only an idiot” would expect that in an ACTOR in a movie. It was a heartfelt, enjoyable film as evidenced by most responses by the public.

  6. I was hugely disappointed in the ending. The violinist and the little girl supposedly playing their instruments … WHILE DANCING !? on the stage… pure fantasy. And what happened to the formal career-affirming concert for which the guy had been practicing for weeks!?
    I wonder if any orchestra plays with flashing spot lights and computer -generated images on the screen behind the musicians.
    I was generally content with the movie until the last 20 (?) minutes.
    The girl’s hair is very impressive!

  7. I think this is one of the best movies I have ever watched. I already watched it over again. The actors and actresses were superb and the music was so outstanding and memorable. I loved the little girl Oslet and I was also wondering if Mehmet was actually playing the violin. I have told some of my friends not to miss the movie.

  8. Maybe critics wants a overcomplicated film, witch only few people or mental health doctors understand. U have a plot and a story, and if u focus on every single step of emotions or the long proces to healing, then audience will fall asleep and we end up watching a 0.5 star out of five movie. Yes simplified maybe, but sweet and perfect family movie, with no stupid politically corectness and overused ideas. Make it 5 hours to show all the feelings of actors, make the guy tall, the woman black and the girl asian, and that in the era we live in, it will make a good movie.

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