MX Player’s Matsya Kaand Review: 11 Disguises to Execute the Master Plan

Matsya Kaand series directed by Ajay Bhuyan has launched exclusively on MX player on November 18th. The series features Ravi Dubey, Ravi Kishan, Piyush Mishra, Zoya Afroz and Madhur Mittal playing pivotal roles.

Matsya Kaand review does not contain any spoilers

Matsya Kaand- An Elaborate interplay of Charm and Intellect

Matsya Kaand is a unique web series conceptualized and executed in a manner that hasn’t been explored in India before. With this show, the director aims to redefine the Indian OTT space and reiterate its commitment to creating unique content for its consumers.

All in all, the series is for people who are in love with thrillers and con stories. Matsya Kaand has all the elements of a good con story, including romance, drama and emotion.

MX Player’s Matsya Kaand Review: 11 Disguises to Execute the Master Plan

The elements of thrill and drama seen in this series are in reasonable proportion to the show’s central theme. Matsya Kaand is a unique web series that showcases the world of conning.

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A Narrative of the Vulnerable yet Heroic Players-Matsya Kaand

The show’s opening sequence is visually striking, with the scene transitions occurring from one timeline to the other. The protagonist Matsya Thada played by Ravi Dubey is poignant, and he subtly slips into each character seamlessly.

This character-hopping is a recurring motif in the show, which leaves you wondering if they are all one person or many. Every episode has a standalone case, but the underlying thread is the ongoing chase.

MX Player’s Matsya Kaand Review: 11 Disguises to Execute the Master Plan

The entire cast is brilliant, and their performances add to the success of the mini-series. The writer has made each episode entertaining, and each episode has a new twist, which keeps us interested in what will happen next. There is no dull moment in Matsya Kaand.

I think more than anything else, it is the character of Matsya Thada which is the appeal of the series. It is hard not to like this con man; he’s suave, charming and has a way with words that makes heads turn. His dialogue delivery and action sequences are top-notch. Ravi Dubey very ably portrays the character, and you can’t help admire his guts and determination.

Matsya Kaand will grip you with an Exciting Sequence of Events

Sequences spread across Delhi, Meerut, Sambhar and Jaipur, making it one of the few web series shot extensively outside Mumbai. The script has been written keeping in mind the average audience’s knowledge base. The storytelling is crisp and fast-paced.

The background score enhances the drama quotient of the series. The dialogues are sharp and laced with witty banter. The cinematography is top-notch. Matsya Kaand is a perfect blend of entertainment, drama and thrilling twist in the tale.

The con-man is a fascinating character. He can be anybody, from a beggar to a businessman, from a politician to a hacker. The con-man has existed as long as humans have been around. In one sense, he is an artist.

MX Player’s Matsya Kaand Review: 11 Disguises to Execute the Master Plan

His primary skill is to fool people into believing that he is someone else. He needs to convince people that he has something they want or give them something they need. 

He will always come out on top in the end because he is more intelligent than you and me. Con-men are very patient and persistent; they plan carefully and wait for the right time to strike. They know how to make you feel good about yourself, how to make you like them, how to make you trust them, and how to make you part with your money or other valuables. They are often charming and likeable, which helps them build their world of lies and deceit even further.

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Why is the appeal of Matsya Kaand unparalleled?

The first thing I noticed about the show is that it looks beautiful. The lighting is appropriate, and the camera angles are perfect for a web series. The narrative is solid and engaging, with a clear start and end.

Piyush Mishra, who is a mastermind, plays the role of a Panditji brilliantly. He plays his character as someone who has seen it all and knows all the tricks of the trade. His part seems like the most difficult to play, and he makes it look so so simple.

MX Player’s Matsya Kaand Review: 11 Disguises to Execute the Master Plan

Ravi Dubey plays his character, Matsya Thada, donning the eleven disguises as someone who has been in this business for years now, with a lot of experience under his belt. He can play both sides of this character – as a conman with an honourable heart, as well as as a man who is running from his past – equally well.

As ACP Tejraj Singh, Ravi Kishan does what we have come to expect from him – deliver intense dialogues and nail them. His character works well alongside the conman, and he adds to the intensity of the story with his strong performance.

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There are loads of twists and turns that are pretty brilliant – enough to keep you hooked till the next one. By the end of the first episode, you realise that this show isn’t just about conning people but also about finding out who the con man is.

Stream It or Skip It?

Matsya Kaand brings forth the best in its lead actor Ravi Dubey. He plays a role that would have quickly gone to any other actor, but he makes it his own with each passing episode.

MX Player’s Matsya Kaand Review: 11 Disguises to Execute the Master Plan

Everyone has heard of people conning others for money, but what happens when you get tricked? What happens when you become the player in the game? Does it turn out like a movie, or does it end up in a tragedy?

Matsya Kaand is streaming on MX Player.

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Matsya Kaand is an elaborate game of 11 disguises and one man - who comes out a winner?

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MX Player’s Matsya Kaand Review: 11 Disguises to Execute the Master PlanMatsya Kaand is an elaborate game of 11 disguises and one man - who comes out a winner?