Mukti (2022) Review: Ritwick Chakraborty Series Fails to Leave an Impact

Mukti is a political drama TV series directed by Rohan Ghose and stars Ritwick Chakraborty, Arjun Chakrabarty, Shaheb Chattopadhyay and Ditipriya Roy, alongside other cast members. The series has 9 episodes, each with a runtime of around  45-50 minutes.

Zee5 describes the series as:

In Midnapore Jail, where freedom fighters are tortured by jailor Petty, Ram Kinkar is promoted and entrusted with new responsibilities. The decision on the execution of a minor inmate is still pending.

– Mukti review does not contain spoilers –

I think we’ve all seen the various fronts of the freedom movement in media. Mukti focuses on the atrocities happening in 1931 Midnapore Jail. I get the sentiment behind the series, I do. But, the series is honestly just too long. It showcases the heinous crimes that the British inflicted on us. However, even the most innocuous scenes are just so drawn out that it becomes a chore to watch. The extra-long scenes give the series a sluggish pace that takes away from what little interest it is able to generate.

On the other hand, these long scenes are littered with terrible, clanky dialogues and equally horrendous delivery, especially from the Britishers. The British delivery is absolutely horrendous and moments that are supposed to be shocking or anger-inducing turn out to be absolutely hilarious. Plus, that over-the-top music is just so bad and oftentimes loud that it takes away from the intensity of the series as a whole.


When I say that Mukti 2022 is a slow series, I don’t mean that nothing happens. A lot happens. Too much, even. But they take place over such long periods of time that you are left bored by the end of it. Also, weirdly, every English sentence is translated into Bengali by both the British and the Bengalis. It’s so weird. In spite of there being subtitles, even the smallest words are translated by the characters. It’s weird because I don’t know for whom they are translating English, especially since everyone seems to understand the language.

Plus, if you’re someone who doesn’t like in-your-face violence, I think this will be problematic for everyone to watch. This one doesn’t really take the high road out of the violent street. Be it sex or physical violence, it’s sometimes difficult to watch political prisoners get tortured by people who have taken their country hostage. I feel like they really honed in on the torture to make us feel horrified at what’s happening on screen. Unfortunately, you became a little indifferent after a point, since skipping ahead is easy on streaming platforms. As a result, these horrifying scenes fail to have the impact that they were supposed to.

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That being said, I think the underlying story is pretty interesting, in spite of taking the time to get to the point. It’s also interesting to note how Indians themselves turned into India’s biggest enemies, working alongside the British. The different angles of the series are truly shocking. Although Ramkinkar is the sole source of light in this rather dark and dreary tunnel, he takes a bit to factor into the story. His change from being the Britisher’s puppet to that of a rational, thinking Indian is nice. Oh, and Ditipriya Roy is just so cute as Minu!

Then there’s also the sports drama angle. Mukti 2022 draws towards a football match between the Indians and British, as they always do. The football match is dangled in our faces from the first minute of the series, seeing that Ramkinkar is really into the sport, but it never becomes highly anticipated if only because the sequences are not well-made. That’s the truth regarding most of the action sequences in the movie, too. Most are underwhelming and don’t do much to create tension or make you fear for the characters’ safety.

Summing up: Mukti


Mukti is somewhat interesting, albeit a bit over-the-top and lengthy. Either way, it’s a decent watch this Republic Day if you’re in the mood for something freedom related, but won’t leave much of an impression.

Mukti is streaming on Zee5.

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Mukti is your average political series that goes down similar routes as its predecessors. It's interesting in some parts but fails to make much of an impression.


    • Bcz you people will only cheap stuffs like Sheela ki Jawani..those who can’t pay respect to freedom fighters their life is a burden on earth.

  1. Mukti is a must watch .Every character leaves a strong impact. Feeling of True patriotism has been nicely captured. Even after completing the webseries one will think about the whole story. I was really mesmerised.I can say this is the best combination of great script,great acting and the background music.

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Mukti is your average political series that goes down similar routes as its predecessors. It's interesting in some parts but fails to make much of an impression.Mukti (2022) Review: Ritwick Chakraborty Series Fails to Leave an Impact