Mother/Android Review: Chloë Moretz’s Maternal Instincts Makes Her a One Woman Army

Mattson Tomlin’s feature directorial debut Mother/Android is an ambitious science-fiction thriller. The film is written by Tomlin himself and produced by The Batman director Matt Reeves among others. Distributed by Hulu, the film stars Chloë Grace Moretz as Georgia in the lead role along with Algee Smith as Sam and Raúl Castillo as Arthur. It has a runtime of a little less than two hours.

– Hulu’s Mother/Android review does not contain spoilers –

Mother/Android: Sometimes Disappointing, Sometimes Not

Mother/Android comes off as a hybrid of the 2004 film I, Robot and 2006 film Children of Men. It has its moments that pleases you visually and editing that startles you at times, but it has nothing new to offer to the genre that has been populated with the same type of films.

We follow the journey of Chloë Moretz’s Georgia when she finds out that she is pregnant with Sam’s (played by Algee Smith) child but, before she can come to a concrete decision, the world around her flips upside down as Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes over her reality. We are soon transported to some months later, where we find Georgia and Sam finding their way through the woods to reach Boston and escape the country which is in a constant war with the AI.

Georgia, now full nine months pregnant, embarks on this treacherous journey with her boyfriend. But, with a world filled with Androids, it is difficult to feel safe and protect your baby from unknown dangers. To reach a place of safety before giving birth to her child during the android uprising, Georgia and Sam need to fend for themselves and their unborn child with everything possible.

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Mother/Android tries to make a grand shot but, it, unfortunately, does not hit the mark. In a post-apocalyptic world, the bickering of a young couple is lifeless and unnecessary. With cliches sprinkled all over the film, it conveniently manipulates its storyline starting from the clothes & shoes of the couple never being torn or worn out irrespective of the fact that they have been on the run for months to the fact that Mortez’s character is under constant stress and post her due date and still finds one of the climaxes to go into labour.

It is predictable, most of the time. But, in the moments it is not, it makes you do a double back. For instance, the truth of Raúl Castillo’s Arthur. The film ends on an emotional note and gives an open ending to Chloë Moretz’s character and the post-apocalyptic world, leaving it to us to determine where the story is heading next.

The cinematography and colour palette that dominates the film is truly beautiful. The woods are bleak, dark and lonely with a low light effect surrounding them. Whereas moments of intimacy between Sam and Georgia are denoted with a warm yellow light. The scenes shared with Arthur are neon, reflecting on the strangeness of the character.

Mother/Android: Final Verdict

Mother/Android either bores you or startles you. It drags its slow moments mindless, but the scary aspects are filled with bloodshed and gore. Chloë Moretz is not as kickass as we might remember her from Kick-Ass, she is less of a hit-girl and more of a mother in distress, sometimes brave and sometimes clueless. However, Moretz performance really pulls you to be invested in the film at certain times. This film is an easy pass if you are not interested in another cliche science fiction film.

Meanwhile, for the ones you are willing to give it a try, you can stream Mother/Android now on Hulu.

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Mother/Android is a decent science fiction that is dominated by maternal love and predictable cliches.


  1. a two star?!? you mean a half star, the most boring movie this year ever, i was sleeping 50 min in the movie before finally something happens, pregreant girl noo thank you, the end was not so special and impressive, we could not have a big finish with a big emp wave or somthing!?! i guess netflix ran out of money or their being lazy, and the end of the movie: SHAME ON YOU KOREA WTF BULLSHIT, dont expect a terminator movie its just a look a like, i hope this movie gets sued for using that effects, 1 hour too long, i watched 25 min off it, and does flying drones looks like a 7 years old TOYS.

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Mother/Android Review: Chloë Moretz’s Maternal Instincts Makes Her a One Woman ArmyMother/Android is a decent science fiction that is dominated by maternal love and predictable cliches.