More the Merrier Review: Bizarre and Wild Sex Club For Adults

More the Merrier aka Donde caben dos is a Spanish adult film directed by Paco Caballero. Paco wrote the story along with Daniel González, Eric Navarro and Eduard Sola. The film stars Ernesto Alterio, Raúl Arévalo, Luis Callejo, Anna Castillo, Pilar Castro, Álvaro Cervantes, Carlos Cuevas, Verónica Echegui, Miki Esparbé, Ricardo Gómez, María León, Melina Matthews, Ana Milán, Jorge Suquet, and many others. The Spanish film has dubbed and also has subtitles in English.

more the merrier

The synopsis reads, “Five interspersed stories provide a fun romp through a night of sex and possibilities in which nothing goes as planned but everyone gets what they need.”

Netflix’s More the Merrier Review Contains Mild Spoilers

More the Merrier on Netflix is a story about Club Paradiso, where couples and singles gather and have sex with anyone they want, consensually. Couples can find other couples with whom they want to have a fun night. Singles can have a lot more with anyone and everyone. The right word would be – an orgy.

Someone screws up a day before their wedding and lose their engagement ring. One person ends up sleeping with someone unexpected. Someone meets an old flame and try to bring back the heat. The sex club can either strengthen a relationship or cause existing partners to break up. For singles, it becomes a night of self-discovery, understanding their feelings and self-realisation. For sex hungry and kinky folks, it’s paradise.

Along with this club, the story also focuses on two elderly couples having dinner together. The husbands attempt to indirectly convince their wives to have a foursome. With drinks and weird games, they try to lure their wives into their “big” idea. Explaining the plot of More the Merrier specifically will be like giving away everything.

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Donde caben dos film, aka More the Merrier, has lots of raunchy, nude, BDSM, and sex scenes. The writers have presented the story in a humorous format. There are a few twists at the end, some of which we see coming. After 365 Days and Dark Desire, Netflix has added another steamy title. The fans of the erotic genre are in for a treat.

The film also has a plot with LGBTQ representation. But amid the straight couples drama, the LGBTQ character seems to be added only for the sake of it. What they show with regards to this character is shown in many movies. The plot gets sidelined, which is quite disappointing.

More the Merrier Review: Final Thoughts

More the Merrier Still

Overall, the Spanish adult comedy takes us to a bizarre sex club which is not for everyone. By adding 5 different plots to make them connected with the club sounds interesting on paper. But the execution is all over the place, because it takes too much time for anything interesting to happen. Erotica lovers will have a gala time watching the wildness. But those who seek some story amid the excessive nudity will be disappointed.

The film is now streaming on Netflix.

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More the Merrier Review: Also known as 'Donde caben dos', Netflix's latest is an erotica which features a sex club for adults of all ages.


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