Netflix’s More Than Blue The Series Review: Captivating Love Story

More Than Blue is originally a remake of the 2009 Korean movie, which turned into the 2018 release, which goes by the same name. It was a massive hit once it hit the theatres, and the series follows in its footsteps in an unrelenting way. Here is a romantic series of two cursed lovers- K and Cream. The 10-episode series is a must-watch for everyone-young and old.

More than Blue Review does not contain spoilers

More than Blue puts your Emotions to the test

The opening scene could very well turn into a cliché. You can see the protagonist running on the track with emotions flooding his face at the speed of passing time. The distraught look on his face can make anyone tear up a little as they know the story little by little.

More than Blue The Series revolves around the life of a young man who’s riding on the cusp of adulthood, trying to find his way through the maze of love, friendship and family. His world is not the classical one where people are good or bad. It’s a universal one that scrutinizes human nature in its naked form.

Netflix's More Than Blue The Series Review: Captivating Love Story

As the story progresses, you are thrust into a world of Blue where human emotions are put to the test. Is there any compassion left in today’s world? Is there anyone who cares for you? Is there anyone who will stay with you? The answer to all these questions lies in this series.

For me, this is more than just another ‘Taiwanese drama’. It is an ode to humanity, with every well-crafted character that plays its role effortlessly. The music, cinematography and direction are soothing and objective. I could feel my soul getting cleansed with every passing minute of the episode.

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It’s not a Simple Story-More than Blue is as Intense as it gets

The trajectory of the plot and the characters tastefully evolve into magnanimity. There’s compassion and value etched behind every word uttered by the characters. The story takes you through their turmoil and shapes up with every hour-long episode. It’s slow, soothing and meditative.

In a true sense, the drama grows into an episodic reveal, with every character revealing a new side of their nature which was well-hidden from the moments within. Though the cast is well-meaning in dialogue delivery, and there couldn’t be a better companion to the storyline, every reveal is like a knife piercing the insides.

Netflix's More Than Blue The Series Review: Captivating Love Story

The stunning contrast between the outdoor lights and the depth of darkness inside enhances the drama’s charm. That’s what makes it different from other dramas out there. The main strength of the show lies in its characters. Everyone does their part perfectly. The actors are just suitable for their roles. There are no weak links here.

More than Blue: The Sum of the Parts is Larger than the Whole

As a whole, it’s a drama of despair and disappointment with a mix of emptiness and sadness. The background track is a fitting metaphor for the entire series. The OST is a big yes, and so is the cinematography and art direction. I’m pretty surprised with the details and the effort put in by the production team because it doesn’t always happen to have these aesthetics right on point.

Netflix's More Than Blue The Series Review: Captivating Love Story

We’re all endowed with a yearning to be a part of a larger whole. Whether it’s related to our family, social circle or even the society as a whole, we yearn to be a part of the bigger picture. The loneliness and sorrows that plague us as individuals make us seek solace in each other, but as time passes, we realise that life is filled with its fair share of ups and downs.

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Philosophy of Life at its Hilt-More than Blue is a Tearjerker

Who wouldn’t want to run away from their old self and start afresh? If we were allowed to do so, would we not take that chance and live our lives our way? There’s a whole lot of life lessons in this show. The most important one is that reality is just as unpredictable as it is heart-warming. And without being able to predict, how do we still have hope?

more than blue series review
more than blue review

Going through the ups and downs of life, we often come across those burdened by life itself. In this series, there are prominent figures such as the son of an ordinary records enthusiast, a single mother trying to make ends meet, a child with eyes that sparkle and a soul that shines through, and so many more.

They all have their past, which they desperately want to forget but can’t because it has become a part of them today. They learn to accept their present situation and face it bravely as they live on with their sorrows hidden deep within their hearts.

Stream It or Skip It?

The main thing I loved about this series was its fantastic soundtrack. The music goes so well with the scenes that I’d finish watching an episode to listen to its OST. It’s that good!

It feels good to watch a drama that brings out the best in you, one that makes you feel wholesome and inspired. If you haven’t already watched it yet, I highly recommend it!

More than Blue is streaming on Netflix.

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More than Blue brings out the best in your and makes you feel wholesome and inspired.

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More than Blue brings out the best in your and makes you feel wholesome and inspired.Netflix's More Than Blue The Series Review: Captivating Love Story