Monsters at Work Episodes 1-2 Recap: Everything is Changing

Monsters at Work Episodes 1-2 are now out on Disney+ Hotstar. The animated series is a sequel to the 2001 film Monsters, Inc. Created by Pete Docter, Bobs Gannaway and Bart Jennett has written the first and second episodes. Kaitlyn Ritter and Shan Zalvin have directed the first two episodes. The duration of the episodes is between 25-30 minutes.

The description for Monsters at Work reads, “Tylor Tuskmon graduates top of his class from Monsters University and arrives at Monsters Incorporated to begin his dream job as a Scarer… or not.” The description fits what we see in the first two episodes.

Monsters at Work Episodes 1-2 Recap contains spoilers.

Monsters at Work’s episode 1 is called Welcome to Monsters, Incorporated. The plot reads, “Tylor Tuskmon arrives at Monsters Inc. to be a Scarer, but learns scaring is out and laughter is in.” The episode opens with Tylor Tuskmon (voiced by Ben Feldman) getting an offer letter that he is now officially a Scarer. However, at the Monsters, Inc, the monsters no more scare kids. Their new job is to make the kids laugh. The Scarers/monsters now have to become Jokesters. Another big change is the appointment of James P Sulley (voiced by John Goodman) as the new CEO of Monsters, Incorporated and Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) as the business partner.

Monsters at Work Recap: Still 1
Monsters at Work Recap: Still from episode 1

Tylor Tuskmon is unaware of these changes at Monsters, Incorporated. His hopes and dreams come crashing down when he finds out that Monsters don’t scare anymore. The Scare Floor is changed to Laugh Floor, where Jokesters are sent to make kids laugh. However, not everyone gets access to be on the Laugh Floor. Tuskmon gets appointed as a member of MIFT (Monsters Incorporated Facilities Team). His boss Fritz (Henry Winkler) and co-worker Val Little (Mindy Kaling) are incredibly excited to have him over.

Monsters at Work Episode 2’s (Meet MIFT) description reads, “Tylor is initiated into the Monsters, Inc. Facilities Team.” We see Tuskmon trying his best to get to the Laugh Floor. He meets Mike and Sulley and somehow puts the idea of comedy class for monsters. Mike starts a Comedy Class for Monsters that will help them to become the perfect Jokesters to make the kids laugh. Amid all this, Tuskmon is annoyed at MIFT, and he finds they don’t do anything useful. However, when Mike gets stuck in the door, the MIFT, especially Tyler Tuskmon, saves him.

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Monsters at Work Recap: Still 2
Monsters at Work Recap: Still from episode 2

Monsters at Work Episodes 1-2 Recap: What’s next?

In Monsters at Work Episodes 1-2, the makers have shown us the big changes that have happened at Monsters, Incorporated. Just like monsters, it is odd for us also to get used to it. After all, monsters are meant to scare kids, not make them laugh. The episodes are entertaining and don’t give away much. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for Tuskmon to be a Jokester or whether he stays a member of MIFT till the end.

Monsters at Work Episodes 1-2 are currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Monsters, Incorporated has witnessed a big change. Tylor Tuskmon has a hard time adapting to everything.

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