Monsters at Work Episode 9 Recap: Bad Hair Day

Monsters at Work Episode 9 ‘Bad Hair Day’ is now out on Disney Plus. Written by Michelle Spitz and Bobs Gannaway, Kaitlyn Ritter wrote the 23 minutes episode. Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Ben Feldman, Mindy Kaling, Henry Winkler, Lucas Neff, Alanna Ubach and Bob Peterson.

The synopsis for Bad Hair Day reads – Tylor sets his sights on becoming the perfect MIFTer, but things go horribly wrong.

Monsters at Work Episode 9 Recap Contains Spoilers

In Monsters at Work Episode 9, Bad Hair Day, the MIFTers are ready to celebrate David’s day with a chunk of his hair. Tylor has no idea who David is. The MIFTers inform him that David was the perfect MIFTer who died in the shredded room four years ago and only found a chunk of his hair. Every year, they celebrate David’s day, and in his remembrance, they all get a ‘not haircut’ at the salon.

As the MIFTers are getting ‘not haircut’ at the salon, they talk about David being an honest MIFTer. Fritz says that Tylor can also be like David, but Duncan denies it. Tylor feels weirded by the conversation and tells fellow MIFTers that he’s heading back to the office to feed Duncan’s pet Rotto. At the MIFT office, Tylor forgets to close the lid of Rotto’s box, and the pet monster gets out of it. Rotto swallows David’s hair which freaks out Tylor.

Despite trying everything, Tylor fails to get hold of Rotto. He decides to convince Roze to give a chunk of her orange hair which resembles David’s, but she refuses. Tylor has no choice but to head to the shredding room to find some hair. Sadly, he also meets with a similar accident like David but doesn’t enter the shredding machine. Suddenly, there’s light in the room, and David walks out of a door. We only see his shadow figure, and he keeps saying random quotes to Tylor.

Tylor tells David how he wants to be a good MIFTer, to which David answers honesty is the only way. When Tylor returns to the MIFT office with Roto, Roze gives him a chunk of her hair. Tylor places the hair in the bowl before his colleagues arrive. But they all figure out that it’s not David’s hair. At the same time, Rotto spills out David’s real hair from his mouth. Tylor has no choice but to confess everything that happened. The monster tells MIFTers that he just wanted to be a good MIFTer.

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Fritz and others forgive Tylor for everything. Fritz tells Tylor that he’s just like David as he told the truth and showed honesty. Everyone’s happy in the end.

Monsters at Work Episode 9 Still 1
Monsters at Work Episode 9 Recap: Episode still

In Monsters at Work Episode 9, end credit scenes of Mike’s Comedy Class, Mike tells his students about Improv. The class proved that Mike really needs improvisation for his comedy skills.

Monsters at Work Episode 9 Recap: What’s Next?

Today’s episode showed us how Tylor really wants to be a MIFTer now. He might still have some hope to be a Jokester, but seeing how he went inside the shredded room not to disappoint his colleagues is a big deal. Will he stay at MIFT even if he gets a chance to be a Jokester? We will find out soon.

Monsters at Work Episode 9 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Monsters at Work Episode 9 Recap: Titled 'Bad Hair Day', the MIFTers celebrate David's Day in remembrance of the perfect MIFT monsters.

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