Monsters at Work Episode 8 Recap: Little Monsters

Monsters at Work Episode 8, called Little Monsters, is now out on Disney Plus. Directed by Shane Zalvin, Ricky Roxburgh and Bobs Gannaway wrote the 24-minute episode. The episode features Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Ben Feldman, Mindy Kaling, Bonnie Hunt, Stephen Stanton, and Hadley Gannaway.

The synopsis for Little Monsters reads – Tylor sees an opportunity to get promoted as Jokester during Mini-Monster Day at Monsters, Inc.

– Monsters at Work Episode 8 Recap Contains Spoilers –

In Monsters at Work Episode 8, ‘Little Monsters’ Tylor gives seven auditions to be a Jokester. Ms Flint, the teacher monster who’s taking the audition, tells Tylor that he’s not funny and will never be allowed to be given an audition again. Tylor is saddened to know this as he feels all his hopes are dead.

At Monsters Inc, it’s Mini Monsters Day. All the baby monsters are given a chance to spend time with adult monsters to show them how the facility works. Ms Flint’s grumpy daughter Thalia is also a mini-monster. Thalia has no interest in the monsters business at all.

The MIFT team also gets to train several monsters, and one of them is Thalia. Tylor decides to spend time with Thalia to impress her with jokes, and she would go and tell her mother that he’s funny. But Thalia has no interest in anything the MIFT members are doing.

In Monsters at Work Episode 8, Door Shredders Needleman and Smitty lose their monster and run to the MIFT team for help. Tylor, Val and others get in action and find the lost little monster. Later, Tylor tells Val about his intentions of being with Thalia. Thalia overhears everything and tells Tylor in anger that she’s going and telling her mom Ms Flint that he’s funny.

Tylor panics as he sees Thalia walking away. Tylor follows Thalia and accidentally slips with food all over his body. All this works in Tylor’s favour as he makes the little monsters and Thalia laugh. The episode ends with Thalia telling Ms Flint that Tylor is very funny, which gets Ms Flint into thinking mode.

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Monsters at Work Episode 8 Recap: Still 1
Monsters at Work Episode 8: Episode still

For Monsters at Work Episode 8 end credits’ Mike’s Comedy Class, Mike brings Sulley along with him. He tells his aspiring Jokester about how sometimes, comedy is done in pairs, where one is a straight man and the other is goofball. He keeps addressing Sulley as the talkative goofball only to find out the joke’s on him.

Monsters at Work Episode 8 Recap: What’s next?

The monsters in today’s episode were cute AF. I wonder what Tylor’s fate will be because I agree with Ms Flint that he isn’t really funny. Maybe, he can work on his comedy skills and earn a place on the laugh floor. There are chances that he will decide to be a MIFT member!

Monsters at Work Episode 8 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Monsters at Work Episode 8: Titled 'Little Monsters', Tylor fails to make it as a Jokester. On Mini Monsters Day, he tries to find a way to get another chance to prove that he's funny.

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