Monsters at Work Episode 6 Recap: The Vending Machine

Monsters at Work Episode 6, called The Vending Machine, is now out on Disney+. Directed by Kaitlyn Ritter, Michelle Spitz and Bobs Gannaway wrote the 22 minutes episode. As voice actors, the series features Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Ben Feldman, Mindy Kaling, Henry Winkler, Lucas Neff, and Alanna Ubach.

The plot for The Vending Machine episode reads – Tylor breaks MIFT’s beloved vending machine on the day Fritz must fire someone.

– Monsters at Work Episode 6 Recap contains spoilers –

Tylor is trying to get something from the MIFT office vending machine in the opening scene. Val informs him that he needs to bump ‘Vendy’ three times and forcefully bump again to get anything out of her. Tylor inadvertently breaks Vendy, and they later bid farewell to the machine. Fritz, devastated, claims that he too is old like the vending machine and returns to his cabin.

The finance staff informs Mike and Sully in the next scene of Monsters at Work Episode 6, The Vending Machine, that their earnings and monster morale are dropping. They have no choice but to reduce their workforce to avoid further losses. Mike notifies the monsters, including Fritz, that he should fire someone. The other MIFT members overhear the conversation, and Duncan says that Tylor will be fired as he broke Vendy.

Monsters at Work Episode 6 Still 1
Monsters at Work Episode 6 Recap: Still from the series

Mike utilises Sulley’s emergency money and distributes it in an envelope to each Monster, Inc. employee to boost morale. He also overhears Val and Tylor discussing the broken vending machine and provides the MIFT members with a new one.  Fritz is initially displeased with the new machine, but after seeing the variety of Drooler Cooler drinks available, he likes it and refers to it as Vendy 2.

Duncan and Tylor later get into a fight near Vendy 2 over who will be fired. Sadly, they damage the new vending machine. Duncan pushes Tylor and fixes the machine, but not before removing several “doohickeys.” Fritz later presses the Drooler Cooler button, but the machine gives him ‘Pop Fartz.’ Vendy 2 suddenly starts throwing all of the food across the room.

At the Monsters Inc. office, Sulley is unhappy that Mike used his money to distribute to the employees. However, the facilities staff reports that monster morale has increased, leading to a rise in profit. Sulley is pleased that Mike’s plan worked, but he still wants his money back.

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At the MIFT office, Tylor saves Duncan and gets Vendy 2 in control. Seeing his anger mode, Val and Cutter say that he could’ve made a good scarer. Tylor saves Duncan and takes control of Vendy 2 in the MIFT office. Val and Cutter agree that he would have been a good scarer in his anger mode. Fritz informs his coworkers that he is resigning because he is the oldest member. Thankfully, Mike phones him and tells him that no one needs to be fired. Tylor fixes the old Vendy at the end of the episode, which makes everyone happy.

Monsters at Work Episode 6’s end credit scene will make Pennywise fans happy. In today’s Mike’s Comedy Class, he tells his students how kids love clowns and monsters and put on clown make-up and make them laugh. However, one of the monsters looks terrifying as a clown, which scares Mike.

Monsters at Work Episode 6 Still 2
Monsters at Work Episode 6 Recap: Still from the episode

Monsters at Work Episode 6 Recap: What’s next?

In today’s episode, Tylor was worried that he might get fired and how he will miss the MIFT members. However, he aspires to be a Jokester. So, will he continue to pursue his dream, or will he remain at MIFT indefinitely? We will find the answer in the coming episodes. My favourite part of today’s episode is the end-credit scene.

Monsters at Work Episode 6 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Monsters at Work Episode 6 Recap: Tylor accidentally breaks MIFT's old vending machine. Fritz has to fire someone from his team.

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