Monsters at Work Episode 5 Recap: The Cover Up

Monsters at Work Episode 5, The Cover Up, is now out on Disney+. Directed by Shane Zalvin, Ricky Roxburgh and Bobs Gannaway wrote the 23 minutes episode. The voice for the monsters in the episode is lent by: Billy Crystal for Mike Wazowski, John Goodman for Sulley, Ben Feldman for Tylor, Mindy Kaling for Val, Henry Winkler for Fritz, Lucas Neff for Duncan and Bob Peterson for Roz.

The description for The Cover Up reads, ‘Tylor and Duncan accidentally cause a city-wide power outage and must cover it up from an inspector.’

– Monsters at Work Episode 5 Recap contains spoilers –

The supervisor of the MIFT, Fritz, is getting ready to take a two-week vacation using the door. As a result, the team uses the ‘Wheel of Temporary Supervisor’ to determine who will head the team while Fritz is away. Duncan is irritated as the wheel comes to a halt at Val’s name. He pretends to phone his mother and complains that he won’t be the temporary supervisor and that all of his goals and dreams have been crushed. Val feels terrible for him and lets Duncan become the Temporary Supervisor.

Duncan gives Tylor a hard time as the Temporary Supervisor of Monsters, Inc. in Monsters at Work Episode 5. He has him undertake a variety of tasks, some of which are not included on his profile.  Tylorloses his calm when Duncan tells him to empty the old canisters. When Tylor slams one of the canisters, Cutter warns him that a canister with barely any juice is enough to knock a monster off. That is exactly what Tylor does with Duncan, which causes big damage – a power outage at Monsters, Incorporated.

Monsters at Work Episode 5 Recap: Still 1
Monsters at Work Episode 5 Recap: Still from the series

The canister accident is unknown to Sulley and Mike. According to the supervisor, M.E.R.C. inspector Argus Blinks is coming to check what’s going on at Monsters, Inc. Argus Blinks is a non-nonsense monster who hasn’t taken a vacation in over a decade. Mike tries to bribe Blinks with money and a game ticket when he arrives, but nothing works. He informs Sulley and Mike that he wishes to speak with them inside their cabin.

Val informs Duncan and Tylor that their actions have resulted in a city-wide power outage. Duncan and Tylor decide to cover up the canister event, but they don’t know-how. Meanwhile, Argun Blinks sends a bag full of his eyes into the Monsters, Inc. pipes. He warns Sulley and Mike that they can’t hide anything since his eyes are literally everywhere.

In the next scene of Monsters at Work Episode 5, one of the eyes witnesses MIFT members’ discuss the canister incident. The eye returns to Argus Blinks and notifies him of the situation. A canister falls on Blinks when he confronts the MIFT members, knocking him out. Duncan and Tylor decide to cover up yet another blunder by sending Blinks out on vacation. After sending Blinks through the vacation door, they all have a hard time trying to collect his eyes.

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After two weeks, Fritz arrives with Argus Blinks. Thankfully, Blinks is in a good mood because he had one of his greatest holidays in 20 years. He decides not to punish Duncan and Tylor and instead issues a warning to them. When Mike and Sulley arrive, they are surprised to see Blinks still at Monsters, Inc. When they find out what happened, the duo and Fritz are furious at Duncan as he was appointed as the Temporary Supervisor.

Tylor takes responsibility for all that happened at the end of the episode. MIFT supervisor Fritz forgives them and takes no action after seeing their team spirit. Mike’s Comedy Class is also featured in the Monsters at Work Episode 5 end-credits scene. Mike lectures his students about the ‘Knock Knock’ jokes in his Comedy Class. Unfortunately, he fails to teach his monster students how to make knock-knock jokes without using a door!

Monsters at Work Episode 5 Recap: What’s next?

So far, my favourite episode has been today! We observed both the monsters’ evil and friendly sides. Tylor is quickly becoming Fritz’s favourite, no matter what he does. It will be intriguing to see for how long Duncan can handle this.

Monsters at Work Episode 5 is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Monsters at Work Episode 5 Recap: Tylor and Duncan cause a big problem at Monsters, Inc. They try to cover it up, but things go more wrong.

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