Monsters at Work Episode 4 Recap: The Big Wazowskis

Monsters at Work Episode 4 The Big Wazowskis is now out on Disney+. Directed by Kaitlyn Ritter, Bobs Gannaway has written the 23 minutes episode. The voice for the monsters in the episode is lent by: Billy Crystal for Mike Wazowski/Gary, John Goodman for Sulley, Ben Feldman for Tylor, Mindy Kaling for Val, Henry Winkler for Fritz, Lucas Neff for Duncan and Bob Peterson for Roz.

The description for the latest episode reads, ‘Tylor signs MIFT up to be on Mike’s bowling team but discovers they stink.’

– Monsters at Work Episode 4 Recap for The Big Wazowskis contains spoilers –

The episode begins with Mike expressing his enthusiasm for the Bowl-off-a-thon. The winner of the bowling match will get dinner for two at Harryhausen’s. When Mike instructs Roz to fill out the form, she tells him that he won’t be able to participate since he needs to finish the paperwork for Laugh Floor. Roz is ecstatic when Gary fills out the form, and she laughs evilly while they tease Mike. Mike is irritated by the fact that they’ve teamed up to make fun of him.

Tylor is reading a book at the bowling alley that will help him become a Jokester. He tells Val that he dislikes bowling. Gary mocks Mike since the green monster isn’t allowed to participate in the game. Gary then announces that he has assembled a team to play for him. The duo bets that whoever loses the game will do the other monster’s all the paperwork. Tylor, who wants to impress Mike and get on the Laugh Floor, proposes that the team be made up of MIFT members.

Monsters at Work Episode 4 Recap: Still 1
Monsters at Work Episode 4 Recap: Still from the series

In the next scene of Monsters at Work Episode 4, Tylor convinces Fritz and others (except Duncan) to be a part of Mike’s bowling team – The Big Wazowskis. Tylor is the captain, and they all practice in the bowling alley. Sadly, they all suck at playing the game. Later, Tylor is sulking as the team isn’t doing well. That’s when Duncan bribes him with a pro-bowlers team if he signs a contract of leaving MIFT when they win. Tylor signs the contract and lies to his MIFT members that the game is cancelled.

It’s Bowl-off-a-thon time on Monsters at Work Episode 4. Fritz, Val, and Cutter arrive at the alley just as the game is about to start. They’re angry that Tylor lied to them about the game’s cancellation. The pro-bowlers refuse to play and walk out after hearing how the captain lied to his squad. Tylor tells Mike that he went out of his way to impress him. He also expresses regret to his MIFT colleagues.

Monsters at Work Episode 4 Recap: Still 2
Monsters at Work Episode 4 Recap: The Big Wazowskis

At Monsters, Inc., though, nothing goes completely wrong. The MIFT members forgive Tylor, and they all play for Mike’s side. Gary and Mike’s teams both do well, and the game ends in a tie. So, at the Harryhausen’s, Mike and Gary, two people who can’t tolerate each other, have dinner together.

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We also have the end credits scene in Monsters at Work Episode 4 – Mike’s Comedy Class. Mike informs his students about hecklers in today’s comedy class, who interrupt a performer or comedian while they’re speaking. The episode concludes with Gary’s jokes (interruption) on Mike, causing the green monster to get irritated!

Monsters at Work Episode 4 Recap: What’s next?

Tylor’s friendship with MIFT members has grown stronger in today’s episode. He aspires to be a Jokester, but it does not appear that he will betray his colleagues in the process. Duncan will go to any length to cause him grief. So let’s see how Tylor makes his way on the Laugh Floor.

Monsters at Work Episode 4 is currently streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Monsters at Work Episode 4 Recap: Titled The Big Wazowskis, Tylor teams up with MIFT members to play a bowling game and impress Mike.
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