Monsters at Work Episode 10 Recap: It’s Laughter They’re After

Monsters at Work Episode 10 ‘It’s Laughter They’re After’ is now out. The season finale features Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Ben Feldman, Mindy Kaling, Henry Winkler, Lucas Neff, Alanna Ubach and Bob Peterson. Kaitlyn Ritter directed today’s episode, which is written by Bart Jennett and Bobs Gannaway.

The synopsis for It’s Laughter They’re After reads – Tylor achieves his dream and is promoted to Jokester… but he feels torn on leaving MIFT.

Monsters at Work Episode 10 Recap Contains Spoilers

In Monsters at Work Episode 10, ‘It’s Laughter They’re After’, Roz returns and tells Mike and Sulley that they’re falling short of laugh power, aka gigglewatts. If they don’t generate one million gigglewatts in a day, the power generation needs will be transferred to Fear Co. When MIFT finds out about it, Tylor discusses ways to save Monsters Inc – by making larger laughter canisters.

On the other hand, Mike and Sulley decide to train Tylor as the new Jokester. Mike takes Tylor to Ms Flint for the Jokester training, where she tells him that he has the ability to make kids laugh with physical comedy. Tylor, who has started liking MIFT, is not entirely pleased with becoming a Jokester.

MIFT members arrange a good-luck and farewell party for Tylor. But the monster tells his colleagues that it’s just for one day, and he doesn’t want to leave MIFT. At the Laugh Floor, all the Monsters and Roz gather to generate one million gigglewatts. Tylor succeeds in making kids laugh along with Mike and other monsters.

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In the Monsters at Work final episode, the Jokesters succeed in generating one million gigglewatts. Everyone cheers and Roz tells Mike that Monsters Inc is now safe. Thus, after saving Monsters Inc, Mike and Sulley tell Tylor that he is officially a Jokester, and Val is appointed his assistant.

Monsters at Work Episode 10 Recap Still
Monsters at Work Episode 10 Still

Monsters at Work Episode 10 gave a good conclusion to Tylor’s story. It was good to see how much MIFT meant to him and how he was not sure about being a Jokester anymore. From the first episode, he tries his best to be a Jokester but never succeeded. The makers have put a smile on our faces by finally fulfilling Tylor’s dream and still keeping his bond with MIFT members intact.

Monsters at Work Episode 10 Recap: Final Thoughts

The last episode had a good amount of entertainment, laughter and heartwarming moments. Tylor made his dream come true and also made some amazing friends at Monsters, Inc. Val and Mike make us smile with their cute and funny scenes. We hope there’s another season where we witness Tylor’s journey as a Jokester.

Monsters at Work Episode 10 is now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Monsters at Work Episode 10 Recap: Titled 'It's Laughter They're After' Tylor Tuskman's dream finally comes true. But he's still sad. Find out why.

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