Money Heist Season 5 Vol 1 Review: Fight Till You Die!

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 1 aka La Casa de Papel Parte 5 is now out on Netflix. Created by Álex Pina, the series stars Úrsula Corberó, Álvaro Morte, Itziar Ituño, Pedro Alonso, Miguel Herrán, Jaime Lorente, Esther Acebo, Enrique Arce, Darko Peric, Hovik Keuchkerian, Luka Peros, Belén Cuesta, Fernando Cayo, Rodrigo de la Serna, Najwa Nimri, and José Manuel Poga. The Spanish series is dubbed in English and has English subtitles too. There are five episodes of 50 minutes approx, dubbed in English and subtitles.

The synopsis for La Casa de Papel’s latest season reads – Surrendering is not an option. The gang has been in the Bank of Spain for over 100 hours, and the Professor is at risk. To make matters worse, a new adversary is coming: the army.

Money Heist Season 5 Review Contains Mild Spoilers

The first episode of Money Heist Season 5 Part 1 picks off where the fourth season left off. Lisbon (Itziar Ituño) enters the Bank of Spain and reunites with other gang members, and Alicia Siera (Najwa Nimri) locates and captures the Professor (Álvaro Morte). As we saw in the trailer, they have threats from all sides – the army, Sierra, Gandia (José Manuel Poga), and the insufferable Arturito (Enrique Arce).

While all of this is going on, we are also introduced to Berlin’s (Pedro Alonso) son Rafael (Patrick Criado) in the flashbacks.  As one might expect, Berlin teaches his son everything that a normal father won’t, everything that’s wrong. He’s preparing his son how to be a good robber, dropping hints that he might be of some use to the Professor in future. We also get to see more of Tatiana (Diana Gómez), and she’s as good as anyone on the Professor’s current gang.

Money Heist Season 5 Review Still
Money Heist Season 5 Review

The brilliant mind of Lisbon helps the gang inside the Bank of Spain handle everything well in the first two episodes. However, midway through the second episode, the gang’s trouble intensifies, which happens until the end. Expect a lot of gunshots and bloodshed this time.  Typically, we see a lot of arguments between gang members, mostly involving Denver and Tokyo. However, there aren’t many this time because it’s a do or die situation for the gang members.

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Sierra is tormenting the Professor into divulging information regarding the gang’s next move and the gold. On the other hand, Colonel Luis Tamayo (Fernando Cayo) is willing to kill the hostages to eliminate the gang as quickly as possible. The flashbacks with Berlin, Rafael, and Tatiana are the only scenes that add a calming effect to the tense narrative. As the mastermind is captured, the gang has to function without a plan. It makes them vulnerable and orphaned, as Tokyo describes. The chances of everything getting f*cked up are way too high.

In Money Heist Season 5 Vol 1, don’t expect anything good happening to your favourite gang members. Fans will be devastated at the end. Does this imply that the season is perfect? Not at all. Having too many gunshot scenes might also be a hindrance at times. When you’re watching it, it appears to be a thrilling experience. However, once it’s over, you’ll realise that it started with episode 2 and continues and doesn’t stop till the end credits start rolling.

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 1 Still
La Casa de Papel Still

When it comes to performances, everyone has done an excellent job. Until the end, the characters are in panic, survivor or action mode. The last 15 minutes is where all the emotions come out as it’s a painful ending for everyone. The series gets it right again while showing pain, love, second chances, deaths and bonds that go beyond blood and relations.

Money Heist Season 5 Review: Final Thoughts

Despite a few flaws, the series will keep you hooked till the very end. The show’s music, especially Phoebe Bridgers’ song ‘Friday I’m in love’, leaves a lasting impact. There are also some solid dialogues packed, said mostly by Tokyo and Berlin. Some action scenes are incredible, while others are overdone. Despite countless gunshots and explosion sequences, the show succeeds in giving us chills and thrills.

La Casa de Papel is now streaming on Netflix.

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Money Heist Season 5 Review: It's a do or die situation for the Professor and his gang member inside the Bank of Spain.

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Money Heist Season 5 Vol 1 Review: Fight Till You Die!Money Heist Season 5 Review: It's a do or die situation for the Professor and his gang member inside the Bank of Spain.