Mo Amer Mohammed in Texas (2021) Review: Mo Problems, Mo Solutions!

Netflix comedy specials are always the best and this time we have Mo Amer taking the stage! This Palestinian-American stand-up comedian and writer has previously blessed our screens with Mo Amer: The Vagabond in 2018 and in 2021 he brings to us Mo Amer: Mohammed in Texas. Directed by Jay Chapman and shot in front of a live audience, the stand-up special is a little over an hour-long with jokes that will get you laughing until you hurt your jaw.

– Netflix’s Mo Amer Mohammed in Texas review does not contain spoilers –

Mo Amer Mohammed in Texas: Pandemic Panic & Cursing Cruise

Arab American stand-up comedian Mo Amer aka Mo gives us his hilarious signature perspective on the world, the problem it consists and, of course, his dark and funny solutions to them. The comedian is introduced by Red Notice’s Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock at the beginning of the show through a video call. This can be considered a subtle promotional act as the comedian is going to star with the Fast and Furious franchise actor in the upcoming DCU’s Black Adam movie. This will not be Mo’s first acting performance, as fans might remember seeing him alongside another renowned comedian Ramy Youssef, in the Amazon Prime sitcom Ramy.

However, Mo has kept his acting slippers at home for this show as he brings to us real-life topics. He starts off his show with a nod to 9/11 and what he being a Muslim faced albeit in all dark humour. He followed up his start with a segment that focused on the pandemic and the panic the media circulated starting from the ill-informed news channels to the celebrity scandals and popularity of cryptocurrencies used to shift the focus of America’s skyrocketing stock market prices while the country was overwhelmed with the spread of COVID 19.

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The comedian also dedicated a segment to his personal journey of getting COVID and firing some hilarious shots at fellow comedian Dave Chappelle (who also recently did his Netflix special Dave Chappelle: The Closer; you can read about the show, here). Another funny aspect of the show covered the momentum of Arabic cruse words in comparison to English and hummus appropriation along with the difference in toilet culture in the western and eastern nations. Mo elaborated in his hilarious way how the swear words in the Arabic language are too specific and graphic.

However, the best aspect of every Mo Amer show is the important inclusion of certain real-life struggles. In his Netflix special Mo Amer Mohammed in Texas, the stand-up artist upheld himself as a feminist and appreciated women and also highlighted how religious hate cannot take away the love from the world as there are Americans who get along with people from the Muslim community in today’s world.

Mo Amer Mohammed in Texas: Final Verdict

Well, watch it! The show is, yet another brilliant one by rising star Mo Amer held in his hometown (Houston) who embeds his jokes in our minds without offending people and their sentiments. In this fast-evolving world where it is easy to be hurt and offended at every other comment, shows as this one give you the way to laugh out loud and not feel morally complicated for doing it.

You can watch Mo Amer: Mohammed in Texas now on Netflix.

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Mo Amer Mohammed in Texas is the 2021 Netflix stand up comedy special that will give you a laughing fit.


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