Mieruko Chan Episode 6 Review: Nobody Told Me It Would Be This Horrifying

With the last episode leaving us with more questions than answers, it’s up to Mieruko Chan Episode 6 to push the story forward. Who else is Miko going to choke out this time around? Let’s find out in this review!

Mieruko Chan Episode 6 Overview

Mieruko Chan Episode 6 Prayer

Mieruko-Chan is a comedy, horror, and supernatural anime that has received an anime adaptation as part of the Fall Anime 2021 anime season. The studio behind it is Studio Passione, which has had its hand in various horror and comedy anime in the past, including Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and High School DxD. It is an adaptation of a very popular manga series of the same name written by Tomoki Izumi.

It is being directed by Yuuki Ogawa, who has prior experience directing Ishizoku Reviewers for Studio Passione. She has also directed episodes in FLCL progressive and Miru Tights. The episode is also stylised as Mieruko-chan Episode 6. If you would like to check out our review of the fifth episode, you can do so right here!

– Mieruko Chan Episode 6 Review does not contain spoilers –

Mieruko Chan Episode 6 Review- Plot and Characters

Miko scared Mieruko Chan Episode 6

Since Episode 1, Mieruko-Chan has maintained an almost 50-50 balance between its horror and comedy elements. It was a good balance that provided plenty of respite from the show’s actually quite horrifying monsters and intense moments. It also prevented the comedy elements from tanking more than a few of its jokes since comedy is very hard to get right. It had a good system going in its favour that I found to be very well thought out.

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Mieruko Chan Episode 6 was not like the others, however. For one, the episode didn’t have any comedy in it except a few tiny gags here and there. This episode also strayed away from the main character Miko for a bit and instead focused on her best friend, Hana. But the thing that was the most different about this episode was that this episode actually forwent the show’s slice of life roots and actually moved the story forward quite a few paces.

Hana Ghost Mieruko Chan Episode 6

But the elephant in the room here is that Mieruko Chan Episode 6 was very horror-heavy. This episode risked a lot to dip its hands into straight-up horror territories, and I’m happy to tell you that it passed with flying colours. The episode was genuinely unnerving and even scary at times, and it had my heart beating fast at several of its moments. It managed to weave an intense tale of friendship and care.

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It also provided a lot of context about several plot points that the show was hinting towards but not outwardly saying, such as Hana’s constant hunger and Miko’s interaction with the ghosts. I also loved how Mieruko Chan Episode 6 didn’t say any of it out loud and instead used the show-not-tell principle to tell us the intricacies of the show’s universe. Hana is just as important to the show’s plot as Miko, it seems. While the last episode hinted that the good ghosts might know Miko sees them, this episode confirmed it in a manner that I adored.

Mieruko Chan Selfie

This episode of Mieruko-chan was thus unique and interesting in a manner that the show desperately needed. Mieruko-chan so far has been one of the highlights of this season, and that not a lot of people agree with me in this opinion saddens me. This series has found its niche in a very oversaturated market, and it should be commended based just on that. Its fantastic quality is just a bonus. Where else are you going to find teen girls taking selfies with actual Gods and Monsters, I ask you?

Mieruko Chan Episode 6 Review- Art and Music

The visual storytelling in this episode was tremendous and did a lot to dispel the notion of the show being very light on the plot. If you were paying attention, you already know most of everything going on with the series and its universe. A lot of credit for that goes to the visuals and animation of this particular episode. This can only lead to good things, I imagine. There isn’t much else to say about the music except that custom made openings say a lot about the passion and quality of an anime, and the one in Mieruko-chan is a good example of one.


Mieruko Chan Episode 6 was one of the show’s best episodes so far, and it pushed its horror and thriller moments to their extremes. Definitely don’t watch this one with the lights turned off.

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Mieruko Chan Episode 6 was one of the show's best episodes so far, and it pushed its horror and thriller moments to their extremes. Definitely don't watch this one with the lights turned off.


  1. Just loving this anime. Keeps me waiting all week. The storytelling is immense. The details and intricacies are so good if you’re eagle eyed.

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Mieruko Chan Episode 6 was one of the show's best episodes so far, and it pushed its horror and thriller moments to their extremes. Definitely don't watch this one with the lights turned off.Mieruko Chan Episode 6 Review: Nobody Told Me It Would Be This Horrifying