Mieruko Chan Episode 10 Review: Oh No, Not The Bloody Cat Killer!

The cat-killing teacher is back, and he looks shady as hell in Mieruko Chan Episode 10. How did Miko deal with finally coming face to face with him? Let’s find out in this review!

Mieruko Chan Episode 10 Overview

Mieruko Chan Episode 10 Title

Mieruko-Chan is a comedy, horror, and supernatural anime that has received an anime adaptation as part of the Fall Anime 2021 anime season. The studio behind it is Studio Passione, which has had its hand in various horror and comedy anime in the past, including Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and High School DxD. It is an adaptation of a very popular manga series of the same name written by Tomoki Izumi.

It is being directed by Yuuki Ogawa, who has prior experience directing Ishizoku Reviewers for Studio Passione. She has also directed episodes in FLCL progressive and Miru Tights. The episode is also stylised as Mieruko-chan Episode 10. If you would like to check out our review of the ninth episode, you can do so right here!

– Mieruko Chan Episode 10 Review does not contain any spoilers –

Mieruko Chan Episode 10 Review- Plot and Characters

Cat killer Mieruko Chan Episode 10

Causing harm to animals, especially domestic ones such as Dogs and Cats, is a sore spot for many viewers. Out attachment to those animals means that many of us can’t stomach anything bad happening to them on our screens. Even if some of us can begrudgingly watch media with such topics explored, it is generally agreed upon as one of the worst things anyone can do. Seriously, don’t hurt harmless animals. Is that so hard to understand?

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This means that any form of media showcasing such events receives visceral reactions from the audience. If used with caution, it is a very effective tool to generate empathy of hatred. However, if not used well, it can end up looking a lot like torture porn and fail to convey any intended meaning. Mieruko Chan Episode 10 falls on the right side of this scale, using an animal murderer as a pretty scary foil for the main characters.

Sick Room Mieruko Chan Episode 10

While some might argue it to be inherently unnecessary, I disagree. Mieruko-chan was always touted as a Horror anime first, and everything else came after that. Horror is very well-known for speaking on topics such as this, and I do not mind Mieruko Chan doing it as well. Above all, it never directly shows any violence of that ilk, getting away with implying everything and hinting at stuff without explicitly delving into animal abuse.

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The teacher has also been incredibly vague so far, as there is still plenty of doubt, at least in my eyes, that he is the one doing all this. It is a mystery that the show will uncover with time, so let’s not jump to any conclusions yet. Mieruko Chan Episode 10 also relieved some confusion that Miko still had about how things worked with the ghosts in her universe, which is about time since there are only two episodes left after this one.

Battle Mieruko Chan Episode 10

This episode might have been the creepiest out of all of them, as alongside the animal abuse, Miko is also found out by a ghost as being able to see it here. She was able to escape this time around, but the deities that helped her originally aren’t always going to be there to save her, as revealed by the counting every time they come to save her. The show has managed to develop a pretty intense story by utilising a lot of show don’t tell, and I really appreciate that.

Mieruko Chan Episode 10 Review- Art and Music

I don’t believe that the anime would have been able to keep its current age rating if it did show gore, but what it does manage to portray is still scary and uncomfortable enough that the horror elements often feel like the best parts of the show. I am also a huge fan of the character design, especially Miko and Yulia’s who look like polar opposites. The dialogue also mages to capture the tone of a high school quite well and is a positive for the show.


Mieruko Chan Episode 10 did its horror elements very well, with the episode being genuinely scary at points. Don’t watch this one with the lights turned off, folks.

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Mieruko Chan Episode 10 did its horror elements very well, with the episode being genuinely scary at points. Don't watch this one with the lights turned off, folks.

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Mieruko Chan Episode 10 Review: Oh No, Not The Bloody Cat Killer!Mieruko Chan Episode 10 did its horror elements very well, with the episode being genuinely scary at points. Don't watch this one with the lights turned off, folks.