Midnight Asia (2022) Review: The Nectar of Nightlife in Asia’s Most Popular Metropolises

Netflix’s latest lifestyle documentary series, Midnight Asia, comes from the Ifa media production house and is directed by Joe Evans. Through interviews and interactions, the brings to us the glitz and glamour of the nightlife in Asia’s metropolis, covering aspects of food, dance, music and more. There are six episodes in this series which is titled Midnight Asia: Eat Dance Dream, each episode is with a runtime of around 30 to 40 minutes. Varying audios are present such as Japanese, Korean, Hindi, etc., according to the city in focus. However, English audio and subtitle are a constant for global viewing of the content.

– Netflix’s Midnight Asia review does not contain spoilers –

The series’s first stop is none other than the capital city of Japan- Tokyo. A city brimming with possibilities and fun, in this episode we meet various people starting from Iku Okada (author & commentator) to DJ Sumirock aka Sumiko Iwamuro (record holder of being world’s oldest DJ), who give their views about the city and how it differs with the onset of sundown. Along with their views, we get a full backstory on DJ Sumirock, Bar Trench (founded by Rogerio Igarashi Vaz), Shinichi Morohoshi (Lamborgini customizer who opens the episode for us in his neon green car), Narukiyo Izakaya and, other interesting people and spots that tell us about Toyko thriving nightlife.

Next, we move onto Seoul in South Korea. As much as Netflix has been a hub to consume K-dramas for us, it is not until this particular episode in Midnight Asia that one realizes how elite and dynamic nightlife is in Seoul. Again through interviews and snippets, we understand how the nightlife in Seoul is responsible for most things starting from people getting to identify themselves to knowing the latest trend on which you can bank. Getting to know the local red wine reign to learning about the Pansori folk that inspire that independent musical brains, this episode is absolutely as soulful as a chicken soup!

The third episode of Midnight Asia drops us in the city that never sleeps or stays still- Mumbai, India. Being a diverse country and, Mumbai as its prime hub, the vibrancy of nightlife here is due to its diverse populace. In the manic city with magic, we get to hear from mixologist Ami Shroff (one of the most flair bartenders in the city) and MC Altaf (who is not only a songwriter in the film Gully Boy but is also thriving in the same kinda street rap culture depicted in the movie). These individuals share their lens with us about Mumbai’s nightlife before the screen shifts to the delicacies that keep travellers awake to become night owls in the city.

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Next up, we virtually visit in Midnight Asia is Bangkok, Thailand. With chaotic corners, the city is filled with creativity and some hidden gems that will give you goosebumps. We walk down the lanes of Soi Nana, which is where most of the youth is present and, get to hear from mixologist Makham Tamaryn Cooper. Pork, beef and chicken live in the heart of people who hunt for nighttime cuisine, we also get to learn about the famous skewer stalls and, the underground nightclub where most of the fun happens.

For our last two stops in Midnight Asia is where we get to know about two cities that would not immediately click in our heads as special when we talk of Asia: Taipei in Taiwan and Manila in the Philippines! On one hand, we have the night streets of Manila flaunting everything starting from gourmet oyster dishes to the drag heritage of the city. On the other hand, there’s Manila which thrives in music ranging from rap to techno to food that will melt on your lips.

Midnight Asia: Final Verdict

Midnight Asia gives us a brief but, deep view into the nightlife of these popular metropolises of Asia that deserve to be in artistic focus and, not just through the news channels and papers. The docuseries is brilliant in capturing delicacies, dance and dreams of people who come from ordinary or extraordinary places. It is insightful and inspiring and, is a good pick if you are into lifestyle documentaries.

You can watch all the episodes of Midnight Asia Season 1 now on Netflix.

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Explore and delve deeper into the nightlife bliss in Asia's most popular metropolises with Netflix's Midnight Asia.

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Explore and delve deeper into the nightlife bliss in Asia's most popular metropolises with Netflix's Midnight Asia.Midnight Asia (2022) Review: The Nectar of Nightlife in Asia’s Most Popular Metropolises