Meeting Point (2021) Review: Does Not Meet Expectations

Meeting Point, or Kimya, is a drama film written and directed by Umut Evirgen and starring Set Sanat, Melisa Şenolsun, and Levent Üzümcü, alongside other cast members. The movie is 89 minutes long.

Netflix describes the movie as:

Istanbul. Night. Two strangers cross paths, connecting in their shared solitude, confiding in each another and searching for themselves.

– Meeting Point review does not contain spoilers –

Meeting Point starts off at a party where we meet our protagonists – a party girl in her 20s and a married man with a kid in his 50s. Both of them seem bored with their lives… so what happens when they meet?

Right off the bat, Meeting Point takes so much time to get the point. Sequences that do not add a lot to the characters drone on in slow motion. These scenes only pad the runtime but don’t add anything significant to the story itself. So you’re just stuck watching a cab driver and a random person fighting for 5 minutes for no good reason other than our protagonists smiling at the absurdity of the argument unfolding in front of them.

meeting point
Meeting Point (2021) Review: Does Not Meet Expectations 4

When the two start off their adventures, our female protagonist is another version of a manic pixie girl. She steals motorcycles and food as if they were lying around for her own amusement. The story is nothing new, to be honest, it’s stuff we have seen before in better forms.

Meeting Point is about loneliness and not fitting in – two people who are completely different from each other spend a few hours together. The conversations that they have, too, don’t really bring you into the experience, much less make you feel anything for them. It’s bland and run-of-the-mill. The juxtaposition is, however, between the two of them spending time with each other with that of their usual lives.

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Meeting Point (2021) Review: Does Not Meet Expectations 5

The guy is a quiet, reserved and somewhat traditional person while the woman is the complete opposite – wild, free and an atheist. One thing that they have in common is their desire to find some meaning in their lives, for it to matter somehow. Their conversations point to something similar but don’t go deep enough to evoke a sense of questioning in the audience.

If anything, Meeting Point makes you wonder what the movie tries to achieve. Maybe it’s a narration problem, or maybe it’s just that the story isn’t as deep as the makers thought it to be; whatever the reason may be though, Meeting Point fails to make the point that it is trying to and just leaves you confused.

Summing up: Meeting Point

meeting point
Meeting Point (2021) Review: Does Not Meet Expectations 6

Meeting Point isn’t the thought-provoking or interesting film that it tries to be. There have been several films made on the topic which are far superior to what we get to see. If anything, this one’s a little confusing regarding what it tries to be and pads its runtime far too much for it to create an impact and make you think.

Meeting Point is streaming on Netflix.

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Meeting Point tries to draw our attention to loneliness and solitude but does a very half-hearted job at it.

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