MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 4 Recap: Lucky Dip Immunity to Save From Sunday’s Elimination

MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 4 is titled ‘Lucky Dip Immunity Challenge’. In the Food Pyramid Challenge, Julie from the Favourites and Montana, Harry and Chris from the Fans served the best dish. These 4 cooks will be cooking, and one will get immunity from Sunday’s elimination. Judges Andy Allen, Melissa Leong and Jock Zonfrillo, explain the rules of the latest challenge to the contestants.

There are 4 rows of cloches placed with different types of food placed under them – Fruits & Veg, Herbs & Spices, Pantry Items and the Curve Cloche. Each cook is allocated one row. They have to pick one cloche, and if they don’t like the ingredient, they can pick a second one. However, the contestants have to use whatever item they get the second time. Every contestant has to cook using the items picked up by each of them.

MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 4 Recap Contains Spoilers

MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 4 Lucky Dip Immunity Challenge contestants pick up these items – leeks, saffron, anchovies, and deep fryer. They have to use these items and cooking techniques to make the dish, and the best one will be saved from Sunday’s elimination. The cooks get 75 minutes to cook the dish and will have an open pantry.

Harry is quite excited to cook using the ingredients. She cooks Gnocco Fritto with leek, ricotta and parmesan. The judges loved her dish and appreciated how she poofed her dough in such a limited time. Another cook from the Fans, Montana, isn’t a fan of anchovies. While she’s cooking, Jock tastes her dish and asks if there are anchovies in it or not. Montana says yes, but Jock keeps asking her the question and hinting that she has not added enough anchovies.

The dish Montana prepares is called Leek and Manchego Croquette with saffron mayo. Judges say they love the croquettes, but her side dishes overpower their taste. Chris has a confusing cook in the competition. He first decides to cook a Linguini dish which leaves the judges concerned. But in the middle of the cooking, he decides to make spaghetti. His final dish is Spaghetti with anchovy and saffron oil. The judges praise his effort but found some faults in his dishes.

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Julie from the Favourites again goes into doubt mode in the latest episode. She again worries about not being ‘enough’ as she competes with the new generation. The dish she cooks is called Prawn & Chorizo Paella with anchovy crumbs. The judges can’t stop praising her dish. Jock calls it an ‘absolutely banging Paella’. Melissa and Andy are also blown away by her dish.

At the end of the episode, judges announced that Julie served the best dish, and she won the challenge. The former MasterChef winner is saved from Sunday’s elimination. Julie gets emotional and talks about how she worries about her skills, leaving everyone teary-eyed in the show.

MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 4 Recap: Final Thoughts

The latest episode was quite fun as I always love the cloche series. The contestants were also pumped up to give their best as no one wanted to be a part of Sunday’s elimination. However, Julie’s self-doubting part is getting repetitive. It’s the fourth episode, and the judges and the contestants are giving her the entire attention all the time. It may truly be the fear, but other contestants are also dealing with the same challenges. So I hope the show doesn’t become all about her and other great cooks also get the equal importance.

MasterChef Australia Season 14: What’s Next?

Except for Julie, the remaining contestants from the Fans and Favourites will be a part of Sunday’s elimination challenge. The contestant who serves the least impressive dish will have to say goodbye to the competition.

Watch episode 4 on Disney+ Hotstar.

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MasterChef Australia Season 14 Episode 4 Recap: One cook among Julie, Harry, Montana and Chris will be saved from Sunday's elimination.

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