Making Fun (2022) Review: Jimmy DiResta Series is All Sorts of Fun

Making Fun is a reality TV series with 8 episodes, each with a runtime of around 40-45 minutes.

Netflix describes the series as:

Grumpy expert maker Jimmy DiResta fields kids’ ideas for delightfully pointless inventions. Then — if he’s in the mood — he and his pals build ’em.

– Making Fun review does not contain spoilers –

Making Fun is a fun and light-hearted series. It’s for kids and adults alike and will keep you thoroughly entertained, mainly because the series creates the craziest stuff but without too much thought. The thing that I loved the most about this series is that there’s something very innocent about it. it’s something that almost everyone will enjoy, especially when you’re in the mood to use the least amount of your brain.

Making FUn

You watch these people create the weirdest innovations brought to light by kids with lots of enthusiasm. You know what they say about children – they have the wildest imagination. And that is proved only too well in this series. I mean, the first episode features a taco-throwing dinosaur. Come on. Thus, as I said, this is a series for the shits and giggles. It’s innocent fun that will keep you entertained and will put a smile on your face.

For those of you, moreover, who likes a good show that shows how to build stuff in-depth, then this one’s good for that too. Sure, it’s not a thrilling ride which will keep you waiting with bated breath, but truthfully, it doesn’t try to be that either. The general vibe of the series is fun and games and it delivers on that promise. Tune in for some innocent, naïve fun and games, but any other expectations will be of no use. The building part of the episodes are quite long, filled with humour and a lot of information, so if you don’t like things like that, then this isn’t probably for you.

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Making FUn

The bunch of friends feel rather great and honestly, I loved their banter so much. Yes, the “jokes” can be a bit much sometimes, but personally, I thought it was great so I don’t have many complaints. Jimmy’s annoyance with all things kids makes this great to watch, since, you know, he’s making stuff for kids and conjured by kids.

Summing up: Making Fun

Making FUn

Making Fun is extremely appropriately named. It really does make fun – each and every thing is absolutely useless, but it does bring about a lot of enjoyment and gives your heart hope that the world might just not be a horrible place. Plus, these kids are so snarky, I love it.

Making Fun is streaming on Netflix.

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Making Fun stays true to its name and promises the audience a great time throughout.

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Making Fun stays true to its name and promises the audience a great time throughout.Making Fun (2022) Review: Jimmy DiResta Series is All Sorts of Fun