Madhuram (2021) Review: An Ode To Friendship and Love

Appu Pathu Pappu Production House presents Madhuram on Sony LIV. Written and directed by Ahammed Khabeer, the film is a beautiful story about love that never dies and friendships that arise from uncanny places. With Joju George as Sabu, Nikhila Vimal as Cherry, Arjun Asokan as Kevin, Indrans as Ravi, Shruti Ramachandran as Chitra and Jaffer Idukki, Jagdish, Lal with other notable actors, Madhuram is produced by Joju George and Sijo Vadakkan with music from Hesham Abdul Wahab. The film has a runtime of around two hours.

– SonyLIV’s Madhuram review does not contain spoilers –

Madhuram: Life’s Bitterness Turned Sweet

The film’s opening credits start with shots of food being prepared, delivered and eaten along with the Hospital culture. Soon enough, we find out that our four main leads are going to walk down a path of friendship and love in their respective lives set against these two items as sweet metaphors.

We meet Sabu, Kevin, Ravi and Thaju, who are all bystanders for their respective patients. Sabu is there for his wife Chitra, just like Ravi is there for his wife, Sulekha. On the other hand, Kevin and Thaju are bystanders to their mother and father, respectively. All these men, staying under the same roof, waiting for a response on their respective admitted parties crack an unusual but heartwarming friendship. Spending days together the characters bond over conversations of love and present their own perspective and opinion on it.

Madhuram is a Malayalam film that does not offer thrill or drama but, rather gives you the pause and reflection you need in life. There isn’t any urgency in the film and that might be the best part about it- it flows seamlessly and smoothly, like an undisturbed brook. Strangers turning into friends is a plot idea that is not unknown or unused, but the way Madhuram puts its characters juxtaposing each other’s views and takes on love but, also educating one another is lovely.

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Food is such a powerful and beautiful metaphor used in life that it almost reminds you of Ritesh Batra’s 2013 film The Lunchbox, but, in a much different way. In the film, we see Cherry and Sabu cook meals for their respective halves but, the meaning and symbolism it holds is very different. The former is trying to make a conversation, start or ignite a bond whereas Sabu cooking for Chitra is a way of showing or re-emphasizing the love the duo already shares. Similarly, there are more ideas like this that are riddled in the film.

The cinematography and editing are superbly done and every shot looks so brilliant and carefully crafted, giving an extra edge and amplifying the theme of the film. The actors, of course, are phenomenal in playing their parts with ease, especially Joju George and Arjun Asokan. The supporting cast too is applaudable and so is the music which ranges from a little pop-like vibe to romantic to sombre according to the story being told in the particular scenes.

Madhuram: Final Verdict

Watching films like Madhuram reinstate your hope and affection for Indian cinema. It is emotional, bitter, real as well as overwhelming in both a good way and a nice way. The ending of the film seems like a line out of poetry and the entire film wraps you in comfort while constantly making you face real conversations.

A moving piece of cinema, the 2021 film Madhuram is streaming now on SonyLIV.

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Madhuram is a beautiful life about destined but unexpected friendship and love.

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Madhuram (2021) Review: An Ode To Friendship and LoveMadhuram is a beautiful life about destined but unexpected friendship and love.