Netflix’s Mad for Each Other Episode 1 Review: Illogical but Will Surely Crack You Up

Mad for Each Other Episode 1 dropped on Netflix yesterday. Mad for Each Other is a Korean romantic comedy series which has 13 episodes in all, and Netflix has decided to air three episodes each week. The story is basically about two people who are psychologically ill and are neighbours. They both are broken and ill and maybe will get healed by each other in a series of hilarious turn of events in the series. Finally, perhaps, we will experience a happy ending like a majority of romantic movies. Fingers crossed!

The Story of Mad for Each Other Episode 1

The first episode, named Rainy Days Bring Out The Mad People, is as precise as the name indicates. The story starts with a rainy day where the lead protagonist Noh Hwi-oh, is riding on a bus with a girl complaining about her life to someone on call, which makes Hwi-oh pissed, and he tries to get down the bus but manages to miss his stop. Further, he gets down the bus and finds an umbrella on a bus stop out of nowhere. But it seems like his day was not supposed to go well as soon the umbrella breaks due to the heavy rains, and this time we see him shouting angrily like anything.

Cut to the next scene; he is seen talking to a psychiatrist named Han Jin-young and surprisingly has bruises all over his hand. The doctor then asks him if he likes the rains or not, to which his funny rant describing his take on rains is undoubtedly worth watching. Seeing his restlessness, the doctor further asks him if he is angry or not. He disagreed and answers or rather starts proving that he has changed and is not the same anymore. But it is clearly shown that he is not okay, yet he accepts that he is ill and is therefore sitting in front of the doctor. Here, we come to know that Hwi-oh is suffering from Post Traumatic Embitterment Disorder (PTED).

The Hillarious Elevator sequence from Mad For Each Other
The Hilarious Elevator Sequence from Mad for Each Other Episode 1

He is then asked about his bruises in his hand, and then the story jumps to a quick flashback. This flashback shows the first meeting of Hwi-oh and Lee Min-kyung, the female lead and their first clash. The scene is well written but fails to crack us up. At the same time, the introduction to the lead protagonist is as filmy as possible. Interestingly, even she goes to the same psychiatrist and narrates her part of the story about the incident with Hwi-oh. We come to know here that she is suffering from Delusional Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

After this, several unpleasant-yet-hilarious encounters occur between these two people, especially the poop sequence is the best sequence of all and will surely crack you up. Besides these, other characters introduced are a girl who works in a supermarket and is attacked by the end of the episode and Hwi-oh’s parents. Though the story lacks logic, some portions of it will bring tears of laughter to your eyes.

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Overview of Mad for Each Other Episode 1

The characters from Mad for Each Other
Hwi-Oh and Lee-Min-Kyung from Mad For Each Other Episode 1

Though it is too soon to give an overview of the series as it’s just the first episode, it is like any forced romantic story. With 0 logic yet a considerable amount of laughter, Mad for Each Other Episode 1 is not that bad. The characters are introduced in a good way and can not be judged right now as there are many other colours of each character which will reveal soon. The performances of the actors are decent enough till now. But I wish there were a bit fewer screams and overacting sometimes. However, you never know, the next 12 episodes can change the entire scenario.

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Stream It or Skip It

Stream it! As said before, it is too soon to conclude whether Mad for Each Other is worth a watch or not, but if you like K-dramas then this series might just be for you. But if you are interested in logic-based stories, please stay away from this before it drives you mad!

Mad for Each Other Episode 1 is now streaming on Netflix.




Mad for Each Other episode 1 s a chaotic and oftentimes funny show that starts off with much enthusiasm.

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