Netflix’s Luna Park Series Review: Hypnotic Picture of 1960s Rome

Luna Park is Netflix’s latest addition to the original content set, which attempts to create a greater range of shows that cater to the broader age spectrum of people who watch Netflix. The Italian show stars Simona Tabasco, Lia Greco, Ludovica Martino and Mario Sgueglia in prominent roles. The show is streaming on Netflix from 30th September.

Luna Park review does not contain spoilers

Luna Park- Turning the Wheels of an Iconic Amusement Park

The story revolves around the lives of two girls Nora and Rosa. They are introduced to the world of Luna Park, which is like many other amusement parks that one can find in places around the globe. This park is filled with different rides and attractions, including roller coaster rides, rides on water and rides on land. Then, they move to another passage, the world of dolce vita (lover’s life), with many beautiful artisans.

Netflix's Luna Park Series Review: Hypnotic Picture of 1960s Rome

As they continue to move on through different routes in the park, they come across some very similar people. Some are rich, some are poor, but all have something extraordinary about them.

The story is set in the 1960s in Italy, where the duo witnessed the rise of the world of glamour and opulence, which was something they had never come across before. It is a drama about two women who come from different worlds but have a common goal: to attain fame, fortune and romance.

Victims of Fate and Destiny-Nora and Rosa in Luna Park

The main plot of the show revolves around their journey towards discovering the secrets of Luna Park. This is one of the unique stories ever featured on Netflix. This show has an exciting interplay of mystique and drama with a sprinkle of magic to it.

The two girls are connected by an extraordinary bond that results from their family ties and the result of the life they live in.

During this time, both girls live in two different environments that are not very far from each other.

Netflix's Luna Park Series Review: Hypnotic Picture of 1960s Rome

The story will take place in Rome during the 1960s, when the country was experiencing a period of economic boom. It is a homage to the glamorous world of Italian wonder. They are both surrounded by people who love them unconditionally and try to protect them from any possible harm. However, during the years, Nora and Rosa’s paths start to converge.

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Luna Park takes you through the streets of Rome

The current season of Luna Park is a celebration of the magic and wonder that comes from the mysterious park.

Luna Park is a young and vibrant series targeted at the audience of the whole world. The story revolves around two sisters, and their story is interwoven with the figments of the imagination conjured by the park and its elements.

Netflix's Luna Park Series Review: Hypnotic Picture of 1960s Rome

The main characters play a pivotal role in portraying the values and traditions of Rome, which is one of the most critical themes in the series. It will take you back to the 1960s, where you will be able to witness the glamour, extravagance, romance and magic that the Italian city exudes.

The trailer presented a view of Rome that was genuinely absurd because the series shows an inevitable reality that does not exist. In addition to the story around the world of Rome and Luna Park, it also focuses on political themes and characters. Netflix has publicized it as a period drama, but it will be a real work of magic. Leonardo D’Agostini and Anna Negri direct it.

Luna Park evokes images that stir memories of a time gone by

The series was written by Tsabella Aguilar, who is a master of moods and atmospheres. His previous work has been chiefly focused on depicting human relationships, and he is now introducing Roman aristocracy into his work. This is not the first time the director has explored the world of nobility in the Renaissance era. This series is expected to be a big hit in Italy because it depicts everything that Italians want to see: good humour, good music and the nightlife of the city they live in.

Netflix's Luna Park Series Review: Hypnotic Picture of 1960s Rome

It is essential to understand the historical background of the fascist regime, the use of Luna Park as a propaganda tool to distract people from their misery, and how this theme was told through the story of Nora and Rosa.

The colours of the costumes, accessories, sets, and props will take us back to an era in which everyone was dressed up and ready to go out. But also a time in which women were still under the tutelage of their guardians, and that even at the age of sixteen, they were forbidden from leaving home without a chaperone to accompany them.

Incredible Portrayal of Aguilar’s Writing-Luna Park is an Unforgettable Experience

The theatre introduced the characters of Luna Park. This Italian television series is one of its kind. It is something different from the other shows that are staged in Italy. And this is because it is a fantasy show that tells about the magic of Luna Park as Nora witnesses all things of the future.

Netflix's Luna Park Series Review: Hypnotic Picture of 1960s Rome

The show is relatively new and captures the magic of Luna Park as all kinds of things happen in this park that will give glimpses into the future for the two sisters. We will also see how their story starts with a twist of events that will later be true.

We will see throughout the series how certain occurrences and incidents change Nora’s and Rosa’s life at Luna Park forever by revealing something that has been hidden for centuries.

Stream It or Skip It?

It captures the spirit of a time that values colour, fashion, lifestyle and friendship. Though a different era, the costumes evoke images that stir memories of a time gone by. A time when a man’s only accessory was his manners and a woman’s lips were painted red.

If you want to be immersed in the roaring 60s, this is the show for you! The costumes, music, and dancing are perfect re-creations of life in Rome during the renaissance period.

Luna Park is streaming on Netflix.

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Luna Park immerses you in the roaring 60s Rome and will evoke images that stir memories of a time gone by.


  1. Agree with everything said here BUT I cannot, just cannot, understand why the soundtrack includes many many modern American and English songs. It ruins the whole experience for me. Seriously, what drugs were they on to think those songs fitted with the time or the mood of 1960s Italy??

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Netflix's Luna Park Series Review: Hypnotic Picture of 1960s RomeLuna Park immerses you in the roaring 60s Rome and will evoke images that stir memories of a time gone by.