Lulli (2021) Review: Larissa Manoela Starrer Is Cute But Predictable

Lulli is the latest Brazilian comedy released on Netflix. It is directed by César Rodrigues with Thalita Rebouças and Renato Fagundes serving as writers. The cast includes Larissa Manoela playing the titular role along with Yara Charry, Amanda de Godoi, Sergio Malheiros, Vinícius Redd, Nicolas Ahnert, Paula Possani, Gabriel Contente, Ana Mangueth, Carlos Artur Thire, Guilherme Fontes, Luciana Braga, Marcos Breda and Thalita Rebouças. The runtime for the film is about 1 hour 30 minutes with subtitles and audio present both in English.

– Netflix’s Lulli review does not contain spoilers –

Lulli Review: Heartfelt But Not Worth The Time

Lulli is a character that is downright self-centred and arrogant from the start. She is an ambitious and passionate medical student and has dreams of becoming the best surgeon on the planet but, irrespective of what her aspirations are, she cannot help but come off as a rude wannabe. She pushes away everything that stands in the path of her and her dreams, including her recent ex-boyfriend.

Our brash and overconfident protagonist goes through a change of heart and character progression when while performing an MRI scan she is electrocuted by the machine which gives her the ability to hear other people’s thoughts. What happens thereafter- if she is able to use the power for good or bad? Does it stay with her forever? And, several other questions will be answered when you watch the film.

Lulli has an ambitious plot and maybe that is why it makes too many mistakes in getting things right. Our protagonist is not only not likeable, but she is also detestable enough from the very start. Thus, when she goes through the transition of becoming a better listener and working on her shortcomings, the entire process looks rushed. It is no secret that the protagonist was portrayed in such a bad light initial was precisely to help her transition but, the pace is all messed up, almost demanding the audience to change their thoughts and views on the character like a switch. This rush is not just for Lulli’s character but, is scattered throughout the film.

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Another shortcoming of Lulli movie would be its lack of interest to delve deeper. Lulli is a part of a friend circle that is never fully explored. There are other relationships, such as that of Diego and his father that deserve more than just a few exchanges of dialogues and yet, it never happens. The entire film looks pretty superficial from the start to the end. There are, however, some good moments and one of them includes the time Lulli shares with her mother on screen.

Lulli: Final Verdict

Lulli offers some laughs and too much familiarity that it would not be an issue if you decide to skip on the film. Irrespective of being a comedy it cannot engage you in the jokes and the humour it uses and, that just might be the saddest part of this film. The actors, of course, do their part well and the character development of our protagonist’s heads to a good place. There is a strong female presence in the script but, the potential is never fully explored. It is cute and casual yet, not strong enough to be a memorable comedy piece.

Meanwhile, if you are planning to watch this 2021 comedy film Lulli it is now streaming on Netflix.

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Netflix's Lulli is another forgettable and predictable release by the streaming giant.

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Lulli (2021) Review: Larissa Manoela Starrer Is Cute But PredictableNetflix's Lulli is another forgettable and predictable release by the streaming giant.