Love Tactics Review (Aşk Taktikleri): How to Make a Guy Fall in Love

Love Tactics aka Aşk Taktikleri is a Turkish Netflix romantic comedy. Directed by Emre Kabakusak, Pelin Karamehmetoglu penned the story. The film stars Demet Özdemir as Asli and Sukru Ozyildiz as Kerem. The rest of the cast includes Hande Yilmaz, Atakan Çelik, Deniz Baydar, Yasemin Yazici and several others. The film is 98 minutes long and is dubbed and has English subtitles.

The synopsis reads, “An ad executive and a fashion designer-blogger don’t believe in love, so they place a bet to make the other fall head over heels — with unusual tactics.”

Netflix’s Love Tactics Review Contains No Spoilers

Netflix film Aşk Taktikleri/Love Tactics shows that Asli is a fashion designer-blogger and doing well in her career. Just like her, Kerem is quite great with his work at an ad agency. The common factor between these strangers is that they don’t believe in love. One day, something happens and the two talk about love, relationships, men and women with their friends. The two believe that men and women have certain typical strategies to woo the opposite gender.

Asli decides to make a guy fall in love with the Love Tactics she believes men follow. She bets with her friends and blog followers that she will make a guy fall in love with her. Asli promises to post every update on her blog. On the other hand, Kerem places a bet with his friends that he will make a girl fall in love with him. The two meet each other at a party, and well, their tactics start to take off.

From How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days to Love Hard, we’ve seen stories where women share their romantic life tragedies with followers on blogs or as a part of their job. Love Tactics on Netflix is a romantic comedy that follows a similar course. The male protagonist in the Turkish film is a womaniser and full of arrogance, just like in every American rom-com.

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Love Tactics Review (Aşk Taktikleri): How to Make a Guy Fall in Love

When Kerem and Asli try their strategies on each other, the plot becomes enjoyable. When the story moves to Cappadocia, though, the pace slows. However, it is here that we learn a great deal more about Kerem’s life. Still, both are completely oblivious to the games they’re playing with one another. I kept telling myself, “I think I’ve seen this film before.” Well, suddenly, there’s a twist that adds the required drama in their tactical “love story”. But the ending is very clichéd, done in most of the rom-com made worldwide.

Demet Özdemir as Asli is stunning in every scene. She gives a good performance, and her eyes express a lot. Actor Sukru Ozyildiz as Kerem is truly the guy in every rom-com who breaks hearts but gets all the good girls. Sukru has played his part quite charmingly.

Love Tactics Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, the Netflix film is full of clichés yet endearing and enjoyable to watch. Even though the characters attempt to do something unique, they can’t escape the feelings. It’s a perfect Valentine’s Day one-time watch with your girl gang and partners or even alone!

The film is now streaming on Netflix.

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Love Tactics on Netflix is a typical yet fun Turkish rom-com film.


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Love Tactics on Netflix is a typical yet fun Turkish rom-com film.Love Tactics Review (Aşk Taktikleri): How to Make a Guy Fall in Love