Love Of Kill Review: A Confused And Cowardly Show

Well, at least no one can say Love of Kill wasn’t unique. A show that had a lot of people’s attention despite never doing anything to earn it has much to be dissected. Let’s get right to it with this review!

Love Of Kill Overview

Love Of Kill, or Koroshi Ai as it is known in original Japanese, is an action and romance anime that’s airing as part of the Winter Anime 2022 season. It is an adaptation of a Manga of the same name written by author Fe and is being adapted for the medium by the studio Platinum Vision. Platinum Vision has made several action and romance anime in its past, including Servamp and Devil’s Line.

The anime is being directed by Hideaki Ooba, a veteran of the industry who has been involved with the productions of D.Gray Man and Hunter X Hunter Greed Island. We reviewed this show weekly, much to this writer’s chagrin. The episodic reviews are great for future rewatches or if you somehow want to watch the show after reading the review. Check them out right here!

– Koroshi Ai Review does not contain spoilers –

Love Of Kill Review- The Plot

Song Chateau Love Of Kill Episode 5

You’ve already seen this show done much better if you’ve seen any spy thriller, murder mystery, or romance worth a damn. Watching this show is a hollow experience that leaves you with nothing at the end. Time is important in this day and age, and you will probably not be very happy that you spent your time watching this instead of doing literally anything else with your life. This wasn’t a particularly memorable show.

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It was a standard tale of two people sharing a past and coming close because of it, as they are pursued by multiple enemies who seem to know more than the main characters know. Just because something is common doesn’t mean it is bad, however, and the shared plot points aren’t what breaks this show. The show is mired by its inability to do anything out of the box or substantial to differentiate itself from its peers and shows that have come before and will come after it.

Song Chateau Love

Watching the show reminded one a lot of western spy thrillers. A rowdy ruffian falling in love with a highly confused blonde and evading the world’s forces sounds like the plot of every Tom Cruise movie ever, and Love of Kill isn’t able to appropriate that feeling very well. There were twists with no drama, end of episode stings that were retconned in the very next outing, and the past and future storylines weren’t as well connected as they needed to be.

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Whenever the show wanted you to imagine it did something major, you can be sure that it would retcon or go back on it the first chance it gets. When supposed deaths aren’t permanent, you can’t be sure anything will. The show is built upon two elements, which play a part in its title. Loving and killing comprise most of the show’s arcs, and the show does neither of them any justice. The killing usually happens as part of the protagonists’ profession, which is never expanded upon beyond that. Love, however, is a completely separate issue altogether. Let’s talk about it more in the next section.

Love Of Kill Review- The Characters

Song Chateau Love Of Kill Episode 3

A love story is highly dependent on the chemistry between the characters who are supposedly in love. Now, this show doesn’t go as far as outright having Song Ryang-Ha and Chateau Dankworth, the two protagonists, actually start dating or express their feelings to each other, and for a good reason. They have zero chemistry with each other, and all the scenes with them together come across as extremely awkward and forced. The two are supposed to share a past, but it doesn’t appear to be like that for a single second.

Individually, their characters aren’t as bad, but Chateau is extremely plain and comes across as the poor man’s Violet Evergarden in her looks and personality. She is very wooden and featureless and quite incompetent as well. Her one redeeming quality is that Song is attracted to her for an unknown reason. Song is a somewhat charismatic character who is reasonably cool and can get stuff done, and he feels wasted here. His past at least makes some sense on who he is as a person, whereas the same isn’t true for Chateau.

Young Chateau Love Of Kill Episode 7

The side characters are another level of stupid here, as most of them are baffling and over the top personalities. Chateau’s boss is a relatively normal character, but his assistant and Chateau’s workmate Jim is a different story altogether. He doesn’t have a mouth and speaks in an extremely hard to decipher accent. His existence is a mystery, and he doesn’t bring anything to the table. The villains aren’t even worth mentioning because of how little they matter. This isn’t exactly the merriest cast of characters.

Love Of Kill Review- Animation and Music

Love of Kill looks ugly. There are no two ways about it. The show isn’t following a particular art style or trying to be different and stand out. The characters are designed weirdly and move like robots because there wasn’t much effort put into the animation here. The characters aren’t shaded well, their angles and curves are horrendous, and the show’s colour palette doesn’t do any of them any favours. The show is also bad with nationalities and foreigners, for reasons I don’t care to speculate.

When Love of Kill wasn’t messing around with bad animations, it was making sure that no aspects of it would be worth praising by not doing much with its soundtrack either. The opening theme does not fit with the tone of the show, and it clashes horribly with the opening scene every single time it plays. The OST has a lot of pianos and some jazz, and while that isn’t bothersome or offensive, it isn’t memorable and doesn’t stand out.


A disappointment through and through, Love of Kill failed to get a single thing right in its runtime and was a frustrating show to watch. There is nothing positive to say about this show, but at least it wasn’t horribly offensive.

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A disappointment through and through, Love of Kill failed to get a single thing right in its runtime and was a frustrating show to watch. There is nothing positive to say about this show, but at least it wasn't horribly offensive.

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A disappointment through and through, Love of Kill failed to get a single thing right in its runtime and was a frustrating show to watch. There is nothing positive to say about this show, but at least it wasn't horribly offensive. Love Of Kill Review: A Confused And Cowardly Show