Love Of Kill Episode 7 Review: Moments Before Death

That was one hell of a cliffhanger at the end of the last episode. Now, it is up to Love Of Kill Episode 7 to continue that and build a satisfying narrative around it. Let’s find out if it could do that in this review!

Love Of Kill Episode 7 Overview

Love Of Kill Episode 7 Title

Love Of Kill, or Koroshi Ai as it is known in original Japanese, is an action and romance anime that’s airing as part of the Winter Anime 2022 season. It is an adaptation of a Manga of the same name written by author Fe and is being adapted for the medium by the studio Platinum Vision. Platinum Vision has made several action and romance anime in its past, including Servamp and Devil’s Line.

The anime is being directed by Hideaki Ooba, a veteran of the industry who has been involved with the productions of D.Gray Man and Hunter X Hunter Greed Island. This episode of the show is also referred to as Koroshi Ai Episode 7. You can read our review of the previous episode in the series here.

– Koroshi Ai Episode 7 Review does not contain spoilers –

Love Of Kill Episode 7 Review- Should Have Followed Through

Dead boss Love Of Kill Episode 7

Just like humans, there are shows that are cowards and brave. Some creators and writers have enough courage or think out of the box enough to be comfortable with writing one of their characters out of the show, whether through their deaths or some other means. On the other hand, the cowardly shows do want to remove/kill off certain characters but lack the courage to. They are stuck in an inconquerable loop of making us think a character is dead while always intending to reveal that they were alive all along.

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While this could have been seen coming a mile away, Love of Kill turned out to not be a very courageous show. It made a bold statement by putting one of its major cast members in severe bodily peril in the last episode, but the way the events turned out, it might as well not have. It doesn’t do anything interesting with that and clears the plot of the only fleeting intrigue that it could possibly have had in the first few minutes. Does the show know its point is to draw people in and not push them out in the first moments?

Chateau kills Song

A confrontation between Song and his attacker that was already spoiled in the show’s opening follows. As if telling the viewers, “Watch how stupider this can get”, the show followed this up by a plot point that would literally not have taken place had the main character used their conscience and intelligence and got away from a situation where they were unnecessary in. It’s an example of a fool’s plot, the kind of story which wouldn’t exist without its participants being utter buffoons.

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The show has been hinting towards Song and Chateau sharing a past since its very first episodes, and we are still no closer to learning the truth than we were then. There have been 10 flashbacks, 7 episodes, and 100 confrontations between the pair since the beginning, and all we know is that they used to be kids, sometime before the events of this series. That and Chateau is adopted while Song is supposed to be dead. While the dynamic is decent and entertaining enough, there has to be some more material to hold the viewers through to the end.

Overall, while it was perhaps unfair to attach really high hopes to a show like this which will probably never go beyond mediocrity, it still had a chance to accomplish something great, and it blew it. There is a line that one needs to cross to become something special, and Love of Kill Episode 7 was the one that blew the line away for the show, probably never to be seen again. We’ll see a better episode than this in the future, but it won’t be one that was as capable of making a show great as this one.


Love Of Kill Episode 7 was a disappointment through and through. It didn’t accomplish much of value and instead got rid of the one good thing it had going for it.

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Love Of Kill Episode 7 was a disappointment through and through. It didn't accomplish much of value and instead got rid of the one good thing it had going for it.

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Love Of Kill Episode 7 was a disappointment through and through. It didn't accomplish much of value and instead got rid of the one good thing it had going for it.Love Of Kill Episode 7 Review: Moments Before Death