Love is Colorblind (2021) Review: Donny Pangilinan, Belle Mariano Movie is a Mushy Guilty Pleasure

Love is Colorblind is a romantic-comedy movie directed by John Leo Garcia and stars Donny Pangilinan, Belle Mariano, and Jeremiah Lisbo, alongside other cast members. The movie has a runtime of 115 minutes.

Netflix describes the movie as:

When an artist becomes colorblind after an accident, his long-besotted friend tries to help. But two other love interests complicate matters.

– Love is Colorblind review does not contain spoilers –

Love is Colorblind is such a cliched movie. I mean, sure, it’s sorta funny and there are some really sweet moments of love and bonding. But with a thousand other romantic movies out there, this one doesn’t stand out, especially because it doesn’t try to be anything new. That’s not its only problem though.

Ok, so, the movie is about Cara and Ino and the latter’s inability to see the colours of the world complicates his life quite a bit. There’s a tragedy behind his heartbreaking reality and you sympathise with him. But beyond that, Cara and Ino have so little character arc that it sometimes becomes a chore to watch. It drags on because of its unoriginal handling of the characters and stories. We love a cliched, mushy love story but the characters at least need to have some depth to them.

Love is Colorblind

Plus, I’d say I was quite annoyed with the constant nagging from both of these characters, especially from Cara. She goes on and on about something or the other and sure, she’s the manic pixie girl, I get it. But there’s only so much an audience can take. The protagonists have some nice chemistry and look adorable together. Apart from the shameless exposition dumps and the little to no character arc, the characters’ cuteness pushes the narrative forward.

Although I did talk about chemistry, Love is Colorblind does not feature great acting. Belle Mariano is fine though as the extremely enthusiastic Cara, but Ino’s heartbreaking past does not come out well through his acting. You want to connect with these kind characters going through something rough, but the lack of acting and character growth hinders that.

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Love is Colorblind

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed watching the movie. Apart from the setbacks, it’s quite mushy and cute. Their friendship origin story is adorable and the way Ino tackles period stains is everyone’s dream boyfriend. As the movie rattles on, it becomes clear that you aren’t going to get anything spectacular, just a repetition of the same thing. That could’ve also been ok had the movie not slowed down to snail-like pacing after a while. Either way, this isn’t a memorable watch, but it sure is sweet as heck.

Summing up: Love is Colorblind

Love is Colorblind

Love is Colorblind 2021 is another mushy romance that really doesn’t do a great job at getting the point across. It’s messy and loses itself a lot. The acting is subpar as well. However, the lead pair are cute together but beyond that, it’s quite disappointing. Watch it for enjoying a mushy romance, but don’t expect it to leave a mark.

Love is Colorblind is streaming on Netflix.

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Love is Colorblind is the mushy romance of your guilty pleasures but has the capacity to be little else.

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Love is Colorblind is the mushy romance of your guilty pleasures but has the capacity to be little else.Love is Colorblind (2021) Review: Donny Pangilinan, Belle Mariano Movie is a Mushy Guilty Pleasure