Love is Blind Season 2 Reunion Review: Shake Just Digs Deeper Holes

Love is Blind is a reality dating TV series hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey. Love is Blind season 2 has 10 episodes, each with a runtime of around 50 minutes. The Love is Blind season 2 reunion episode has a runtime of 62 minutes.

– Love is Blind Season 2 reunion review does not contain spoilers –

Love is Blind season 2 reunion is something else. Last season probably wasn’t this cringy but holy hell what did we do to deserve this. Yes, it’s absolutely entertaining and I would watch the hell out of it. But from a content standpoint, these people are just such red flags that it’s difficult to sit through and watch it without breaking a few chairs in the process.

But, god, it’s just so embarrassing to watch these people make a fool out of themselves. Now, after rewatching the series I must say that I have feelings. Abhishek, Shayne and Shaina are the worst of the lot this season, with Shayne being a manipulator and gaslighter to the very nice Natalie, Shaina being the exact replica of Jessica from season 1 so we know what that entails and Abhishek just being a total garbage human being.

Love is Blind season 2 reunion

But woof. The reunion is something else. First and foremost, I found it hilarious how much everyone hazed Abhishek and constantly asked him to shut up. At one point I wondered whether there’s something wrong with him considering how much he was interrupting everyone to put his point across when it was totally unnecessary. On the other hand, Shayne is just as toxic as ever, constantly gaslighting Natalie and trying to play himself off as the victim. Just so shameful.

However, one thing that I really enjoyed was watching Nick and Danielle go to couple counseling and finding a way to get together. I found it hilarious that Nick likes Danielle’s costumes as much as she does and it honestly gave me hope that these two have a bright future ahead. Meanwhile, Iyanna and Jarrette seem to have found a good footing in their relationship as well. Although the hosts brought forth old footage of Jarette and Mallory, he owned his mistake and reassure Iyanna, which was nice.

Summing up: Love is Blind season 2 Reunion

Love is Blind season 2 reunion

The Love is Blind season 2 reunion is everything that you want and then some. It has some really juicy drama that we all were looking for and maybe a budding relationship between Kyle and Deepti. We’re here for it and will be glued to their Instagrams. I think one of the ways I like describing this show is – so bad it’s good.

Love is Blind season 2 reunion is streaming on Netflix.

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Love is Blind season 2 reunion is everything you asked for and more. It's a dumpster fire and I'm sitting right in the middle of it.


  1. Shake yes you went about a few things wrong but you can’t marry someone that you’re not physically attracted to. Do I think it’s bullshit everyone was attacking him. He was just being honest! He actually said it feels like a family member so he did have love for her and a connection but without any physical attraction it’s not going to work. He’s the only one on that show that was completely honest maybe a little too honest. Keep doing you shake!

    • LeAnn, I agree with you that everyone was picking on Shake. I was especially surprised when even the host Vanessa attacked him and told him he didn’t belong on the show. Perhaps Shake deserved this for something he did off camera, but from what I saw he genuinely liked Deepti but simply didn’t feel a necessary physical attraction. Did he say that over and over again on camera to different people? Yes. Were the cast members encouraged to speak up and spill their guts on camera? Almost certainly.

      When Danielle struggled to resolve issues, her caring partner worked with her and together they overcame them. When Shake struggled to resolve issues and Deepti responded by dumping him at the altar with vindictiveness, it gave the appearance that she didn’t really care for him at all.

      Perhaps this reunion show was exactly what the producers wanted. To me it looked like the hosts lost control and too many cast members were made to feel bad. Rather than enhancing the story and the show, it just made me feel sorry for the cast. At least Shaina came well prepared to own her mistakes, apologize, and repair her image to the public. This is an example that the other cast members should have followed.

      • Shaina came to own her mistakes? You clueless moron. You are a complete doofus to not recognize a narcissistic, manipulator. Shaina is a sociopathic chaos agent who seemed to want to stay on the show long enough to see if she could meet Shayne out of the “pods.” Her MO is impeccable: She faked loving Kyle, ran away from him in Mexico, faked loving him again, and then faked loving God so much that she broke up with Kyle once and for all. You, my friend, are a nitwit. One, for liking the show, two for not seeing how low down and superficial the whole thing is and three, for not recognizing a train wreck of one particular person is that’s right in front of your dismal little, clueless eyes.

  2. Dear readers, guess what…every one of you, especially you women that hunger for this kind of shallow, superficial drama, deserve this show all for of what it is: a group of Fame seeking, instagram contestants that use the show as a platform to gain lots of followers in order to gain sponsors and … money. Congratulations…you have given it to them. You clueless, shallow dummies.

  3. It’s pretty ridiculous everyone kept attacking Shake every time he spoke, when honestly even though he did same a few shallow comments, he wasn’t the only one! He was one of the most real ones I seen on the show who just didn’t sugarcoat everything. I do think he genuinely loved and cared for Deepsi. Yes, he made some hurtful comments I can see how she would have resentment and anger towards him for but the attack by the crew members and even the host was extremely was what was really uncalled for. It’s a reality tv show at the end of the day, you can’t attack someone for giving their view on the experience and seriously can’t tell someone how THEY “truly” felt. He said time and time again how much he really cared for her and how deep their connection was. You can’t hate someone for not wanting to marry someone at the end of this. Even last season, marriages didn’t work out bc of the full physical connection not being there. It’s honestly so sad to see how this crew and the staff just acted as bullies towards him for making a decision just like every single one of them did for their own reasons. People just can’t handle honesty. Don’t go on a reality TV show if you are expecting everyone to sugarcoat every situation. This show isn’t “fairytale love stories/endings”

    They say it over and over “Is love truly blind?” . & over 80% of people if not more would not marry someone they don’t have a healthy amount of a physical connection. Even if some don’t want to admit it, it is also very important in a relationship as a healthy emotional connection.

    In this reunion, I felt like Shake did say what everyone else was thinking and they just got defensive for no good reason.

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Love is Blind season 2 reunion is everything you asked for and more. It's a dumpster fire and I'm sitting right in the middle of it.Love is Blind Season 2 Reunion Review: Shake Just Digs Deeper Holes