Love is Blind Japan (2022) Review: Social Experiment Gone Right?

Love is Blind Japan is a dating reality TV show hosted by Takashi Fujii and Yuka Itaya and consists of 11 episodes, each with a runtime of around an hour.

Netflix describes the series as:

In this reality dating series, marriage-minded singles in Japan meet, date and get engaged — before ever setting eyes on each other.

– Love is Blind Japan review does not contain spoilers –

You know if a show, specifically a reality TV show, gets a bit too popular, you’re getting a different version of it from some other country. Be it horror or reality dating, if it’s popular it’s getting another version. Full stop. And considering the buzz that Love is Blind generated, I knew this was coming – plus a season 2. Either way, I prepared for the Japan version by binging the original. The astounding drama is shocking to witness, especially with literally everyone lying on the floor crying at the smallest of things. It’s wild, it’s bizarre and it makes for great watching content when you want to shut your brain off.

Love is Blind Japan

So, is Love is Blind Japan different from its American counterpart? Well, yes and no.

I’ve generally seen that Asian remakes of American shows are usually less dramatized and have more meaningful and heart-warming conversations. That’s exactly what I felt about Love is Blind Japan. Although the series follows the exact same path as the original, there’s something very real about these people’s reactions to the bizarre concept of “pod dating”. The conversations that they have, too, feel genuine although after going through Love is Blind, you know that there’s some scripting there.

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Love is Blind Japan (2022) Review: Social Experiment Gone Right?

Another interesting thing that this one has that the original did not is the fact that the people here are from such different backgrounds and age groups. Background aside, I have my reservations about dating someone who is almost 10 years older than me. I mean, there’s a 56-year-old guy in the mix, come on. It’s interesting regardless to watch them interact with each other. The conversations are funny and of course, everyone is on their best behaviours in the pods. The kinds of questions people have and their thought processes are very unique and interesting.

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Love is Blind Japan

The camaraderie between the girls is also nice and it’s not something we got to watch in the last iteration of this. Sure, some people are obviously going to like the same people, but it doesn’t get as nasty as it did last time. It’s mostly quiet acceptance or calm discussions. I like that. The women’s and men’s perspectives are equally shown and their innermost discussions are given some great highlights, which is great. But one thing I must mention is that the meeting place of the newly engaged couples is absolutely dreamy and you’ll fall in love with it.

Anyway, talking about the participants’ reactions and how they’re always different between Asian and American counterparts – I think Love is Blind Japan is much more honest and engaging than the other one. The conversations, the people and their interactions are just so real that it’s difficult to not be enamoured and not smile or feel bad for the contestants for whatever they are going through. The drama is there, but it’s subtle and believable. Invariably, people who watch this for the insanity and cat flights will be totally remiss without their fix.

Of course, the remaining episodes come out over the next two weeks so we have time to be surprised!

Summing up: Love is Blind Japan

Love is Blind Japan

Love is Blind Japan is an interesting and different watch than its American counterpart. Although the format is the same, as one could expect, the culture and the people, their interactions and the way they handle this odd show are quite interesting. Although bare of the mind-numbing drama of the American show, this one is, mostly, nice to watch albeit I still have my reservations about finding love this way.

Love is Blind: Japan is streaming on Netflix.

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Love is Blind Japan is, honestly, a great watch. Unlike its American counterpart, this one is, honestly, somewhat moving and interesting.


  1. People should be able to speak their minds about what they see without people going nationalist and crzy but this is the world. I know every society has its weaknesses and strengths. I like how competitios are handled with respect and care. I’m sorry. I won’t give a spoiler but it’s the motives and perspectives thatend up being problematic no matter what culture. I am not feeling a few of the relationships because of course some people in the unrealistic expectations of this being a fairy tale are actually hurting each oter with their comments and views. I know a few I would have broken the engagement off that fast. Interesting to watch. I’m staying tuned. Praying for some genuine love here. The world is crappy

  2. The whole proposal to marry in the pods before actually seeing the person is meaningless since they can call it quits after they meet and interact. It amounts to nothing more than “I’ll marry you if you turn out fine”. I suppose the whole point was to get to that point without actually seeing the person. Very interesting but not much different than real life after meeting in person.

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Love is Blind Japan is, honestly, a great watch. Unlike its American counterpart, this one is, honestly, somewhat moving and interesting.Love is Blind Japan (2022) Review: Social Experiment Gone Right?