Love Death and Robots Season 3: 3 Reasons Why Netflix’s Anthology is a Must-Watch!

Love Death and Robots Season 3 seems to be on everyone’s mind recently. Netflix’s adult animated anthology series has always been well-loved but, with a weak season two the hopes from season three were really high and it delivered some really tasteful pieces of art nonetheless. Produced by Tim Miller, Joshua Donen, David Fincher, and Jennifer Miller, the series is a re-imagining of Fincher and Miller’s long-in-development reboot of the 1981 science fiction animated film Heavy Metal.

The third season of Love Death and Robots consisted of nine episodes in total with a runtime of 5-20 minutes. Netflix described this season with the blurb: “Terrifying creatures, wicked surprises and dark comedy converge in this NSFW anthology of animated stories.” And, converge it did to form one anthology series where every story was impactful and excellent. So, if you are someone who hasn’t watched it yet let us let you exactly why it is a must-watch!

3 Reasons Why Love Death and Robots Season 3 Is a Must-Watch!

Reflective Stories and Themes

If there is one thing that can truly tie us to the heart of Love Death and Robots it is the important stories told in this anthology series and the themes that resonate with our lives. From Three Robots: Exit Strategies discussing the failure of humanity as greed took over everyone’s minds to Jibaro’s classic retelling of the siren folklore with respect to gender politics, all the stories in this season sow a seed of thought in our heads to reap the fruit of change and consciousness.

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Most of the stories in the series are based on writings of fan favourite authors such as Bruce Sterling and John Scalzi which gives the teleplay the extra edge to shake us off our feet with the narrative. Stories like Swarm, Bad Travelling, and Mason’s Rats are all reminders of human and human nature making it more real than ever.

Astounding Animation and Visual Effects

When it’s Love Death and Robots, it is noteworthy animation and visual effects. Like the previous seasons, the animation in the third season is a powerhouse that makes the series alive. Blow Studios, Blur Studios, Polygon Pictures, BUCK, Titmouse, Inc, Axis Studios, Sony Pictures Imageworks and are all associated with the third season and, it is commendable how astounding the work put forward by these animation studios is.


It is rare to see so many people from around the globe coming together to produce something so special and beautiful. Love Death and Robots is unique in its production, cast and crew. There’s Emmy award-winning Spanish director Alberto Mielgo, who created the fan favourite Jibaro and, there is also American-Chinese director Jerome Chen, who directed the horrifying In Vaulted Halls Entombed. This season also gave us back the Se7en duo David Fincher and Andrew Kevin Walker for Bad Travelling and, we also witnessed the genius of Korean-born Kung-Fu Panda famed Jennifer Yuh Nelson in Kill Team Kill.

These are just a few names off the list but the entire team behind making Love Death and Robots Season 3 possible is spread all across the globe, making this series all the more special.

Love Death and Robots Season 3 Trailer

The third season of the show was released on May 20, 2022, and, has been trending on Netflix ever since.

You can watch Love Death and Robots Season 3 now on Netflix. To read our review for the same, click here.

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