Love All Play Episode 9 Recap: Park Jun-young Is Back In Korea!

Love All Play, alternatively known as The Speed To You is 493 KM (너에게 가는 속도 493km) is a 2022 Korean Sports Rom-com directed by Jo Woong. The series runs for 16 episodes and stars Park Ju-hyun, Chae Jong-hyeop, Park Ji-hyun, Kim Moo-joon and Seo Ji-hye in lead roles. Love All Play Episode 9 has a runtime of 62 minutes.

– Love All Play Episode 9 Recap Contains Spoilers –

In Love All Play Episode 9, Park Jun-young has returned to Korea after her three years long hiatus and she goes straight to meet her brother at the tournament but encounters Tae-yang instead. Tae-yang gets emotional seeing her but Jun-young hates seeing Tae-yang and tells her to never meet again. Tae-yang begs her to meet and talk but Jun-young leaves.

Love All Play Episode 9
Still from Love All Play Episode 9

Tae-jun receives a call from his parents and they sound happy because their beloved daughter is back. They invite Tae-jun for dinner and keep on talking about Jun-young. They were never happy like this for Tae-jun. Even at home, Jun-young bullies Tae-jun and makes him do chores for her. She tells him to pay for her college, let her live in his house and to not get close with Tae-yang. However, he refuses to do anything.

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Tae-jun and Jung-hwan have reached the final match and the rumours about Jun-young have already spread. During the match, the opposite team member provokes Jung-hwan multiple times and he finally loses his cool. He starts arguing with the umpire for a wrong judgement. He doesn’t stop even when the umpire shows him a yellow card. Thanks to Tae-jun who shouts at him and brings him back to his sense, they win the match.

Love All Play Episode 9
Still from Love All Play Episode 9

After Jung-hwan’s behaviour during the match, the gossip broke out about him and Jun-young. To clear his name, he holds a welcome party for Jun-young and asks her old teammates to join the party. Yu-min is upset and tells Jung-hwan not to go but he says that he cannot think straight at the moment. Although, he ends up not attending the party.

Love All Play Episode 9 Ending

Tae-yang attends the welcome party, knowing she isn’t welcome there and the result is as expected. Jun-young picks up a fight with her for coming to her party shamelessly. Tae-yang gets on her knees and apologizes for her past mistakes but Jun-young says to her that it is too late and leaves the party. Youngsim and other seniors comfort her and tell her not to apologize when someone doesn’t want your apology.

Love All Play OST: When the Door Opens by JT&MARCUS

Tae-jun runs to the party when he finds out that Tae-yang went there. By the time he reached there, Jun-young had already left and the seniors were comforting Tae-yang. He accompanies his sister home and asks Jun-young to forgive Tae-yang. Jun-young gets mad at him knowing he is close to Tae-yang even after knowing the truth. At the same time, Jung-hwan comes to meet Jun-young and gets surprised after seeing Tae-jun with her.

Love All Play Episode 9 Review

In Love All Play Episode 9, the past comes back into the lives of Tae-yang, Jung-hwan and Tae-jun. That past is Park Jun-young who has come back to bother three of them. No one is happy at her arrival except her parents. Tae-yang and Jung-hwan can’t let go of their past with Jun-young while she least cares about them. Tae-jun’s parents have again started ignoring him after their beloved daughter has come back.

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In Love All Play Episode 9, Park Jun-young returns to Korea and creates disturbance in Jung-hwan, Tae-jun and Tae-yang's lives.

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Love All Play Episode 9 Recap: Park Jun-young Is Back In Korea!In Love All Play Episode 9, Park Jun-young returns to Korea and creates disturbance in Jung-hwan, Tae-jun and Tae-yang's lives.