Love All Play Episode 7 Recap: Park Ju-hyun Reveals Her Past To Chae Jong-hyeop

Love All Play, alternatively known as The Speed To You is 493 KM (너에게 가는 속도 493km) is a 2022 Korean Sports Rom-com directed by Jo Woong. The series runs for 16 episodes and stars Park Ju-hyun, Chae Jong-hyeop, Park Ji-hyun, Kim Moo-joon and Seo Ji-hye in lead roles. Love All Play Episode 7 has a runtime of 61 minutes.

– Love All Play Episode 7 Recap Contains Spoilers –

In Love All Play Episode 7, Tae-yang makes warm porridge for sick Tae-jun but he has to hide in Tae-yang’s room because other players come back from the hospital all of a sudden. The national players were told to rest another day in the hospital but regular players were sent back to the dorm even when they were still sick. This was not only unjust but also humiliating to the team.

Love All Play Episode 7
Still from Love All Play Episode 7

Youngsim comes to the badminton court the next morning and screams in anger for all the humiliation they received from their coaches and the doctors. She, as a senior player, motivates her team and brings their energy back to get selected in the team for federation matches. The Yunis team shows unity for the first time since their pride is at the stake now.

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The coaches and the national team members including Yuk Jung-hwan are still in the hospital. Jung-hwan sees Yu-min with her father, Coach Lee in the hospital. He goes to check on him, only to impress Yu-min. Yu-min only gets mad at him every time they meet and their miscommunication leads to misunderstanding. To get a clear idea of where their relationship is going, Yu-min visits a tarot reader with Jung-hwan who tells them that they will get married.

Love All Play Episode 7
Still from Love All Play Episode 7

The team selection match starts and Coach Lee makes the players play without any break. As they are playing a team match, the coach allows tired players to leave the match if they want. In the end, only Youngsim, Tae-yang, Tae-jun and Ji-ho stay on the court, confirming their selection for the federation matches. However, instead of Tae-yang, Coach Lee selects Sung-sil and even other coaches are not happy with that decision.

Love All Play Episode 7 Ending

Despite her failure to get selected for the team, Tae-yang wakes up the next morning and practices diligently, unlike others who keep on complaining. Tae-jun knows Tae-yang is going through a hard time and plans to take her on a date. Instead of Tae-jun, Tae-yang takes Tae-jun to the place where she worked for three years before coming back. The place reminds her that her life now is like heaven compared to how she lived for three years.

Love All Play OST: When the Door Opens by JT&MARCUS

After eating food made by Tae-yang, both of them sleep the night in their car, on the beach. The next morning, Tae-jun finds Tae-yang sitting alone on the beach, lost in her thoughts. Tae-yang proceeds to tell Tae-jun how she became the reason her friend had to quit Badminton and how she regrets it till today. After hearing the description, he asks her if she is talking about Park Jun-young, to which she replies yes. Though Tae-jun feels like crying after hearing his sister’s name, he still hugs Tae-yang to comfort her.

Love All Play Episode 7 Review

Love All Play Episode 7 shows the power of teamwork as four Yunis players enter the federal matches beating the national players. Tae-yang doesn’t get her deserved spot even after working hard. This could be her luck or the coach’s prejudice against her. The compassion between Tae-jun and Tae-yang is ever growing and Tae-jun is a considerate person who always looks out for his loved ones.

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In Love All Play Episode 7, the Yunis team players give their all in the selection matches.

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In Love All Play Episode 7, the Yunis team players give their all in the selection matches.Love All Play Episode 7 Recap: Park Ju-hyun Reveals Her Past To Chae Jong-hyeop