Love All Play Episode 6 Reactions: Fans Cannot Handle The Cuteness Of Tae-Tae Couple

The Korean drama, Love All Play is ruling the hearts of viewers with the unexpected chemistry between Park Tae-jun (Chae Jong-hyeop) and Park Tae-yang (Park Ju-hyun). In Love All Play Episode 6, Fans have also appreciated Chae Jong-hyeop’s energetic character who actually has family issues and hide a lot of pain behind his cheerful smile. This drama has Park Ju-hyun, Chae Jong-hyeop, Park Ji-hyun, Kim Moo-joon and Seo Ji-hye in lead roles.

Love All Play Kdrama is a story about badminton players who struggle to keep playing their sport because it is not really popular in their country. In the vulnerable lives, where a scandal or an injury can easily end their career, young badminton players fight for their careers and manage to find love in the process.

Love All Play Episode 6
Still from Love All Play Episode 6

A fan got emotional over a scene between Tae-jun and Tae-yang, “”i came here because i miss you” taejoon ran to taeyang despite him being so sick that he couldn’t even stand well…. because he knows that taeyang is the only that could give him the comfort he needed… 🥹🥹🥹 #LoveAllPlay #LoveAllPlayEp6″

“comfort, sometimes is a person indeed. I think this scene just shows how Taejun seeks love and comfort he didn’t receive from his parents. Even tho he’s always so smiley, he looked lonely. And he’s reaching for her hand to feel the warmth he didn’t get from them. #LoveAllPlayEp6,” a fan took to twitter to express their thoughts about a heartfelt scene.

Love All Play Episode 6
Still from Love All Play Episode 6

A twitter compared a scene to be similar to that of Run On and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and wrote “taejoon deserves to be loved & to be appreciated it saddens me that his parents wished that he was the one that got hurt instead! and him asking to be loved and her confessing that she does reminds me of run on & strong woman do bong soon #LoveAllPlayEp6”

“they kissed again AND THEY DONT THINK ABOUT MY MENTAL HEALTH LIKE LOOK AT THAT TIP-TOE KIsS I AINT WELL #LoveAllPlayEp6 #LoveAllPlay”, a fan gushed about the couple.

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Check Out Love All Play Episode 6 Reactions

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