Lockdown Review: Srabanti Chatterjee, Soham Chakraborty Film is a Bland Repetition

Lockdown is a 2022 Bengali movie directed by Abhimanyu Mukherjee and stars Srabanti Chatterjee, Adrit Roy, Soham Chakraborty, Rajnandini Paul and Manali Dey, alongside other cast members. The movie has a runtime of 119 minutes.

Zee5 describes the movie as:

The lives of 6 individuals from different walks of life who are going through their personal challenges collide at the same hospital. On the same night, the Prime Minister declares a lockdown.

– Lockdown review does not contain spoilers –

Lockdown seems like a blast from the – a movie a year too late to instil the fear into our hearts. We have already lived the life for two years now and although it’s a good look back to how things were, it seems a tad unnecessary. Moreover, the movie showcases the lives of the blandest people out there in a way that is just so uninteresting.


The film showcases the lives of several people just before the commencement of the lockdown. There have just been so many movies and shows in the same vein that, at this point, we are just reliving the trauma. These tales that we hear of are things we have heard so many times. From the moment you start watching them, you know how each of these stories is going to end. Thus, there is no mystery or intrigue.

In one such story starring Soham Chakraborty, there’s an air of mystery around his character. We aren’t told what he’s up to, but at some point, we know where this might go. This story is created to be a thriller that soon turns into a melodrama but in the end, you wonder whether this particular story has anything to do with the theme of the movie in general since it never really comes up in any way or has no bearing on the plot per se.

Sure, the TV constantly tells us that the Prime Minister is announcing a lockdown, but other than that, nothing really comes out of it. Either way, as I said, these stories don’t really have much impact on us since we have seen the exact same ones too many times in the last couple of years.


Take Unpaused, for example. There was a lot of heart, hope and humanity in the series, along with tons of reality. However, Zee5’s Lockdown really doesn’t bring any of those things to the forefront. The stories here are stale to the point they are uninteresting and repetitive. There’s nothing to look forward to since you already know what’s going to happen here. Nevertheless, I think Kaushik and Anuradha’s story still has some heart and some bearing to the lockdown theme. The other two stories are just that – stories.

Summing up: Lockdown


Lockdown Bengali movie is a melodrama of three stories that happens to be set during the worst of the pandemic. It’s a repetition of similar stories that we have seen and without much heart or soul. The background music is atrocious and the performances decent. In the end, it’s a mishmash of different people struggling – one that doesn’t really leave much of an impact or make too much sense.

Lockdown is streaming on Zee5.

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