Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 4 Recap: The DNA Test

Link: Eat Love Kill (링크: 먹고 사랑하라 죽이게) is a fantasy-drama series directed by Hong Jong-chan and starring Yeo Jin-goo and Mun Ka-young in lead roles. The series consists of 16 episodes and will be taking over tvN’s Monday and Tuesday 10.30 PM KST slot, previously occupied by Military Prosecutor Doberman. The series will air from June 06, 2022, to July 26, 2022. Eat Love Kill episode 4 has a runtime of 65 minutes and is titled Chessy, But Destiny.

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– Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 4 recap contains major spoilers –

Eat Love Kill episode 4 starts Da-hyun commenting on how she has always suffered because of the men in her life. She remembers back to the times when men have wronged her in one way or another.

Interestingly, in one such instance, she remembers being bullied by a bunch of kids in her neighbourhood when she was just a child – the same memory Gye-hoon had previously shared about his sister. Does that mean she was friends with Gye-yeong?

Anyway, she mentions promising never to get involved with another man because of these crazy circumstances. However, Gye-hoon’s presence changed her life – he became a source of happiness and comfort for her thanks to his uncanny abilities that she is yet to know about and his comforting presence.

link eat love kill episode 4
Still From Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 4

She wonders what she should do and realises that she wanted to confess her feelings but instead confessed to murder. After sharing a very awkward moment staring at each other, she laughs it off as a joke and blames the alcohol but Gye-hoon has already figured out that she isn’t fibbing around.

It’s laughable watching Gye-hoon coaching her not to tell anyone about this since secrets travel fast. This conversation is hilarious and his concern is just so funny. Funnier still is Da-hyun taking his concern as him trying to expose her and telling him threateningly that the first time is always the hardest, much to his dismay!

Meanwhile, Bok-hee and Chun-ok wonder what to do about a murder request that has invariably fallen on their laps. As they plan on what to do with the body after committing another murder, Gye-hoon gets nightmares about the entire incident.

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link eat love kill episode 4
Still From Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 4

The next day, Gye-hoon threatens a very suspicious Jin-hoo, fresh from running a DNA test without permission, to come clean to him. That conversation unfortunately gets halted when Da-hyun enters the restaurant to start her day at work. They have a hilarious conversation when they ask Gye-hoon different questions which he is unable to answer.

During this conversation, they mysteriously realise that a knife is missing from their kitchen block. Gye-hoon exchanges a glance with Da-hyun because of the whole murder thing but it turns out that the knife is at Kim Min-cheol’s house, tucked away in a drawer.

Gye-hoon questions Da-hyun about the knife and why she doesn’t think before doing anything and she inquisitively asks him why he’s so concerned about her. As Eun-jung keeps an eye on the two of them, Jin-hoo gets a text about the DNA result.

That night, Jin-hoo goes on a walk with Gye-hoon and asks him why he moved to Jihwa-dong. He tells him that he is searching for someone, but it’s not his sister. Weirdly, Jin-hoo doesn’t tell him anything about the DNA test. On his way home, Gye-hoon gets in a conversation with Ui-chan and promises to kill him with his own hands if he finds proof that he did something to his sister.

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link eat love kill episode 4
Still From Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 4

Jae-sook, in the meantime, asks Bok-hee and Chun-ok threatens to expose Da-hyun if they don’t get rid of her husband. As the two women run off to do god knows what, Da-hyun follows them with a shovel that she was using to garden and is closely followed by Gye-hoon who just wants her to be safe.

In the meantime, Won-tak, for some reason, takes the law into his own hands and beats the crap out of Chang-soo and the blame falls on the three women who end up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Thankfully, a witness testifies that the perpetrator was a male in all black and this results in all three of them getting released.

The funniest part coming out of this whole ordeal is Gye-hoon crying and laughing for no reason in front of Eun-jung and Jin-hoo mirroring Da-hyun in her own home. Anyway, Jin-hoo finally shows the DNA test result to Gye-hoon, who says that he knew Da-hyun couldn’t be his sister but he still hoped just to get his happy family back together one more time.

But, the question still remains – what is his connection with Da-hyun and, more importantly, what is her feeling towards him? That night, as Eun-jung and Da-hyun have dinner together and the former is convinced that her boyfriend is her brother and that she has done something to him.

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link eat love kill episode 4
Still From Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 4

Da-hyun, however, recounts the story from the first scene wherein she mentions remembering a boy coming to her rescue and wonders what he is doing now. Of course, that boy is Gye-hoon, something that she doesn’t know yet.

As Da-hyun meets Gye-hoon that night, all excited and giddy, he breaks her heart and tells him that he won’t cross the line with her anymore so that she doesn’t get the wrong impression of his concern. However, later that night, both of them rush our from their homes to say something.

Although the audience and Da-hyun would both like to believe it’s a declaration of love from his side, it turns out to be his thoughts regarding Jin-geun’s body. Or, rather, according to him, Jin-geun is still alive. Da-hyun is taken aback by this thought and wonders what could’ve happened to him and why he hasn’t retaliated yet.

Gye-hoon agrees that he figured that out yet and Da-hyun confesses that she was expecting to hear something else from him, but thanks him regardless.

It turns out that Jin-geun did survive that night, but after staggering outside with a bedcover around his head he was run over by Min-cheol. As the episode ends, we see Jin-geun appearing out of nowhere and strangling Na-hyun, but I think that she’s simply thinking this in her head and something else happened to Jin-geun.

Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 4 Review

link eat love kill episode 4
Still From Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 4

There’s something stunningly silly and fascinating about this TV show. Link: Eat Love Kill is just so goofy at times that it’s hard to take its central mystery seriously. But then it switches suddenly to the odd mystery or two that we have in hand and it’s just so fantastical that you can’t help but wonder what could’ve happened.

Link episode 4 is a fun episode, although I really don’t find Da-hyun’s family’s antics to be entertaining or hilarious. If anything, they are extremely annoying and act like children sometimes. I am yet to figure out why Chun-ok would just run off into the night with a rolling pin in her hand or why Da-hyun would run off with a huge shovel but sure, we’ll take it in our stride, I guess.

Regardless, coming to the mystery, the series lets the audience know beforehand what is happening so I am guessing we won’t be as shocked as we would’ve been had we learnt the truth with the protagonist unless they come up with something so crazy that we will be floored. But standing at this moment, the mystery is quite interesting and I am left to wonder whether Jin-geun died or whether Min-cheol murdered him to get rid of the evidence.

It’s also funny that in such a densely populated neighbourhood as theirs, no one heard him running over a man on a quiet night, but whatever. Another mystery is why Gye-hoon is so opposed to having feelings for Da-hyun, now that he knows that she isn’t his sister. Or is he just running away from his feelings?

But, most importantly, how, exactly are they connected and why do they share this connection? Was Gye-yeong kidnapped and sold to some organ trafficking ring and Da-hyun got some organs from her? I am probably thinking too deep into it, or maybe it’s the true crime fanatic in me. Either way, the mystery, for me personally, is not Gye-yeong’s disappearance; it’s the connection between our leads!

Link: Eat Love Kill is streaming on Disney+.

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Da-hyun and the audience wanted Gye-hoon to say something romantic in Link: Eat Love Kill episode 4... but what does he end up saying instead?

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Link: Eat Love Kill Episode 4 Recap: The DNA TestDa-hyun and the audience wanted Gye-hoon to say something romantic in Link: Eat Love Kill episode 4... but what does he end up saying instead?