Light the Night Part 2 Review: Ruby Lin Series Keeps Getting Better

Light the Night or Blue Hour is a thriller-drama series directed by Yichi Lien and stars Ruby Lin, Cheryl Yang, Yo Yang, Rhydian Vaughan and Derek Chang. Light the Night Part 2 has 8 episodes, each ranging between 45 – 50 minutes in length.

Netflix describes the series as:

In the red light district of 1980s Taipei, women at a popular Japanese night club navigate jealousy, heartbreak, friendship and love.

– Light the Night Part 2 review does not contain spoilers –

Jumping into Light the Night part 2 straight after last time, we are dropped into a flashback to see Sue and Rose’s relationship start. This is a murder-mystery now and a race against time to find out who murdered Sue. There are several suspects, each with equal amounts of culpability – was it someone or everyone?

light the night part 2

As we go through more of the runtime, we are treated to more complicated backstories and revelations that would definitely throw you for a loop. Light the Night part 2 is arresting. Not just because you sit there wondering who could’ve murdered Sue, but because Sue and Rose’s backstories are absolutely wonderful. The world building is just so great that you can’t help but feel things for them.

Their relationships are complicated and the way they were enmeshed in each other’s lives is something truly unique. You don’t find friendships like that these days. Of course, things change, which is evident. Anyway, as new characters are introduced and new evidence uncovered, the politics reaches a delicious crescendo along with everything else.

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light the night part 2

Light the Night is absolutely amazing to watch. Every door has new ghosts and there’s a lot to get out of it. If you’re someone who enjoyed the first part, I am sure you’ve been patiently waiting for the second one to find out how everything happened and why. Plus, the people who made little to no impact in the beginning will suddenly turn out to be ever-so important.

If you thought that the characters you’ve watched in Part 1 are complicated, wait till you see what’s in store in Light the Night part 2. Apart from Sue and Rose, who are extremely complicated and provide a good reason for some soul-searching, even the smaller characters are people will great depth, giving the series a thrilling and dramatic twist every step of the way. There isn’t one character out there who didn’t have an impact in the original story in one way or another and the way those weave in and out becomes a great watch.

Summing up: Light the Night Part 2

light the night part 2

Light the Night Netflix is fantastic and part 2 is proof of that. The story flows brilliantly and you wouldn’t be able to look away for a second. So, who killed Sue? What was their motive? What happens to Light? Guess you’ll have to watch this sordid and arresting tale to figure it out.

Light the Night is streaming on Netflix.

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Light the Night Part 2 completes the harrowing tale and does not disappoint even one bit.

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Light the Night Part 2 Review: Ruby Lin Series Keeps Getting BetterLight the Night Part 2 completes the harrowing tale and does not disappoint even one bit.