Korean Dramas Releasing in April 2022: Green Mothers’ Club, Our Blues, The Killer’s Shopping List and More

Korean Dramas Releasing in April 2022: New month starts tomorrow, and Kdrama fans are waiting to watch some new series. We’ve seen several amazing Korean shows in the last two months, like Business Proposal, Thirty Nine, Twenty Five Twenty One and many others. Well, brace yourself as April month looks quite exciting as well.

From Our Blues to Monstrous, a lot of Korean dramas will release in April 2022. You can note them and watch the episodes whenever they’re out.

List of Korean Dramas Releasing in April 2022


Based on Webtoon, director Kim Tae-Yoon and Sung Chi-Wook’s Tomorrow will be released on Netflix. It stars Kim Hee-Seon, Ro Woon, Lee Soo-Hyuk, Yun Ji-On, Kim Hae-Sook and others. The Netflix synopsis reads, “Made half-human and half-spirit by accident; a young man is employed by a company of grim reapers in the underworld to carry out special missions.

Tomorrow Kdrama’s Episode 1 is slated to release on April 1 on Netflix.

Again My Life

The South Korean drama is also called Eogein Mai Laipeu. It’s a thriller starring Lee Jon-gi, Lee Geung-young, Kim Ki-eun and Jung Sang-hoon. Directed by Han Chul-soo and Kim Yong-min, the first episode of Again My Life will release on SBS TV on Fridays and Saturdays at 10 pm KST from April 8, 2022.

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Green Mothers’ Club

Another Netflix Kdrama Green Mothers’ Club, is making its way in April 2022. The Korean show stars Lee Yo-Won, Choo Ja-Hyn, Jang Hye-jin, Kim Gyu-ri, Duk-moon Choi and Park Ye-rin. The synopsis for the show reads, “Five moms in a competitive grade school community keep their enemies close, and one another closer, as envy and secrets tangle and unravel their lives.”

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Kdrama Green Mothers’ Club Episode 1 will release on Netflix on April 6, 2022.

My Liberation Notes

Netflix will be dropping another emotionally-driven Korean show called My Liberation Notes. The star cast includes Lee Min-ki, Kim Ji-won, Son Suk-ku, and EL. The synopsis reads, “Three siblings, exhausted by the monotony of day-to-day adulthood, seek to find fulfillment and freedom from their unremarkable lives.”

My Liberation Notes will release on April 9 on Netflix.

Our Blues

Directed by Kim Kyu-Tae, the Kdrama stars Lee Byung-Hun, Shin Min-A, Cha Seung-Won, Lee Jung-Eun, Han Ji-Min, Kim Woo-Bin, and others. The romantic drama’s synopsis reads, “Romance is sweet and bitter – and life riddled with ups and downs – in multiple stories about people who live and work on bustling Jeju Island.”

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Our Blues episode 1 will release on April 9 on Netflix.

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Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars is a romantic comedy Kdrama series starring Lee Sung-kyung and Kim Young-dae. Directed by Lee Soo-hyun, it is produced by Studio Dragon that gave Netflix show Hometown Cha Cha Cha.

Shooting Stars Episodes will air on Friday and Saturday from April 22 on tvN.

Showtime Begins!

Another Kdrama is slated to release in April with love and magic packed together. It stars Park Hae-jin, Jin Ki-joo, Jung Joon-ho and Jung Suk-yong. The episodes will release on MCU every Saturday and Sunday at 10 pm KST from April 23.

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The Killer’s Shopping List

Another Korean thriller will drop in April, starring Lee Kwang-soo, Seolhyun, and Jin Hee-kyung. The Korean show will premiere on tvN every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 PM KST from April 27.


We will also get a supernatural Korean show next month. Monstrous will show us the story of an archaeologist searching for strange supernatural phenomena. Train to Busan, and Hellbound director Yeon Sang-ho wrote the story. The show stars Koo Kyo-hwan, Shin Hyu-bin and will release on tvN channel on April 29.

Well, these are the Korean dramas releasing in April 2022. Which one are you most excited to watch? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Monstrous…..waiting to shin hyun been’s enchanting performance….plus i love the genre too…..really looking forward to it. But I hope it also broadcasts in Netflix.

  2. I only watch K-Dramas. I discovered Korean dramas last year and I only watch Korean dramas now thanks to Netflix. I do not understand a word in Korean, although I have learned a few words now:) The subtitles are really good. There are times when I won’t be able to stop watching the drama and I end up watching 24 hours without going to sleep. In my opinion Korean dramas are the best. I have also noticed their decency which makes the drama more interesting. Beautiful actors too. Keep it up. I am a big fan from Malta Europe. Gamsa haeyo 💕

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