Kitz (2021) Review: A Familiar yet Disappointing Watch

Kitz is a German drama TV series that explores the decadent world of rich German kids away on a vacation to mountain tops. Kitz is directed by Maurice Hubner in collaboration with Lea Becker while the script is written by Daniela Baumgärtl, Tanja Bubble, Janina Dahse, Korbinian Hamberger, Vitus Reinbold and Niko Schulz-Dornburg. The series stars Valerie Huber, Sofie Eifertinger, Bless Amada and others in the lead and supporting roles. The first season of this TV drama series consists of 6 episodes, each around 40 minutes long. The series was shot in Munich in Germany.

– Kitz review does not contain spoilers –

The synopsis of the series on Netflix reads, “Seeking revenge on the girl she blames for her brother’s death, a Kitzbühel waitress infiltrates the glitzy world of a group of wealthy Munich teens.” Elizabeth aka Lisi is a heartbroken teenager who lives in Kitzbuhel in Germany. Her brother had died the previous year when he drove his car off the side of the icy roads. However, Lisi is sure that, her brother had died because of a rich model with who he was secretly having an affair. Hungry for revenge, Lisi goes to the greatest lengths to make sure that the guilty do not go unpunished. 

The idea behind the plot of the TV series Kitz is not quite novel. It narrates certain incidents that take in the lives of rich teenagers who think the world revolves around them. Just like all such other TV series, Kitz is also successful in portraying drug abuse, infidelity and ignorance. However, what works for Kitz is its reestablishment as a revenge story. There is vengeance, planning and sometimes the excessive use of metaphors. What works for Kitz is the absolutely beautiful backdrop although they underutilized the massive potential that the shoot location had provided.

Kitz (2021) Review: A Familiar yet Disappointing Watch

The TV series opens with the final shot of what eventually happens, which makes It’s far too obvious for the audience to decipher where the episodes are heading. The initial episodes start off with much drama and hours of planning (done by Lisi and her accomplice) but as the series proceeds the events go out of track. Sometimes the character themselves do not know what they are supposed to do. The actions of the characters do not contribute to the plot at times but seem like a desperate attempt on the part of the makers to address certain social issues. 

However, there is an element of surprise at the end of a series that may take viewers by a bit of a, well… surprise.  Some characters go through tremendous growth which makes them a delight to watch while the others remain static in their narrative throughout the series. It might be irritating for the viewers to watch the protagonist of the series make decisions and sketch plans that are absolutely ridiculous. The series depends a lot on pure luck to get things going which exposes the lack of expertise in the script written. The dialogues are not well developed and the conversations seem fake and forced.

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Summing up, Kitz


Tv series like Kitz are not meant to be subjected to a critical analysis. It is a fun, quick watch with a lot happening on the screen. Although the series is itself quite short, the plot feels a bit too bland and unplanned at times. The actors do not have much to work with but have to fill one great responsibility – to look rich, pretty and mean. We suggest going into the show with very low expectations. However, if a glimpse into the scandalous world of millionaires is something that excites you, then do give it a watch.

Kitz is now streaming on Netflix.

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Kitz is a German drama TV series that explores the decadent world of rich German kids away on a vacation to mountain tops.


  1. Just a note about the location. Kitzbühl is not in Germany, and these kids aren’t just visiting any mountaintops- they’re in THE ALPS, a location that’s played winter host to the rich, powerful, and wintersport championships for hundreds of years, long before there was ever an Aspen or Vail. The Alps stretch across 8 different countries, and Kitzbühell is actually in Tyrol, in Austria. This is important not only as a matter of fact clarification, but key to understanding deeper nuances relating to character dynamics in the show’s plot. There is somewhat of a cultural rivalry between Germans and Austrians, and the fact that the rich vacationers are from Munich, the more ostentatious southern region of Germany in comparison to its subtle, buttoned-up Northern region of millionaires, should imply a heightened cultural tension between the two factions of townies vs. vacationers. The funny thing is, even Northern Germans aren’t particularly fond of their showier Bavarian counterparts in Munich (think regional culture differences between perhaps a rich Texan oil family vs. a quiet old New England publishing powerhouse or shipping dynasty, and you’ll get the gist of what their relations are like, lol), so one can only imagine how off-putting this set can be when they’re gallivanting across other locales, lol.

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Kitz (2021) Review: A Familiar yet Disappointing WatchKitz is a German drama TV series that explores the decadent world of rich German kids away on a vacation to mountain tops.