Kedibone (2020) Review: Intense and Thoughtful Portrayal of Emotions

Kedibone is a coming-of-age drama about a young woman who tries to escape her past and start over but is unable to leave her old life behind. Thomas Gumede has directed the hard-hitting and impactful movie with a runtime of 100 minutes. In pivotal roles, the cast includes Natasha Thahane, Wright Ngubeni, and Busisiwe Mtshali.

– Kedibone review does not contain any spoilers –

Kedibone Is Filled With Energy and the Trials of Life

This movie is a coming of age story, and it’s visually stunning in a way that captures the essence of South African culture. It truly is a beautiful film, made even more so by the cast, which is comprised entirely of South African actors.

Kedibone (2020) Review: Intense and Thoughtful Portrayal of Emotions

This film does an excellent job of portraying the difficulties faced by people. The characters in this film are not all good people—they make mistakes and do things that aren’t always right—but they’re all trying their best to do what they think is correct at the time. That’s what makes this story so compelling: everyone has their motivations and reasons for doing what they do, even if those don’t always align with what other people want them to do.

Everyone has their own set of values and beliefs, which means that sometimes those values and ideas clash in unexpected ways causing conflict between characters who otherwise might seem like they should get along well together on paper.

A Story of Betrayal Interwoven Into the Plot of Kedibone

The story is told in a series of flashbacks as the main character, Kedibone Manamela, recounts the events that led to her life-changing decision to leave Johannesburg and return to her hometown in Soweto.

Kedibone (2020) Review: Intense and Thoughtful Portrayal of Emotions

The story weaves through three different periods: past (childhood), present (teenage), and future (adult). It deals with issues of identity and belongingness, how far one would go to get what one wants, and how one should conduct themselves when faced with difficult choices.

This film shows us how even someone who seems destined for greatness—and who we may think has already had their share of pain—can still be broken by something as simple as a lie told by someone they love. But it also shows us that everyone can be redeemed if they’re willing to work hard enough.

Kedibone Encompasses All the Values of the South African Genre

The film was a visual, symbolic and metaphorical feast for the eyes. It explores the idea of identity through costume, design and dialogues and touches upon themes like fame, betrayal, jealousy and integrity.

This movie is a must-see for anyone who has ever been young and wanted to explore their own identity or experience life differently than they do now. It also offers some insight into South African culture and history through its depiction of traditional Sotho rituals and practices.

Kedibone (2020) Review: Intense and Thoughtful Portrayal of Emotions

The actors are all incredible—the lead actress plays Kedibone so well that you forget you’re watching someone act! She embodies this character so thoroughly that even if you don’t speak Setswana or Sotho yourself, you understand precisely what she’s feeling through her facial expressions alone.

The cinematography in this film is excellent. It uses many different angles to make the audience feel like they are part of the protagonist’s life and experience everything they do from their perspective. It also uses close-ups on people’s faces when they’re talking so we can see their emotions clearly without having to read their lips which makes me feel like I’m there with them instead of just watching them on screen like most other movies do these days!

Stream It or Skip It?

Kedibone (2020) Review: Intense and Thoughtful Portrayal of Emotions

Kedibone is a movie that I highly recommend! It has a great plot, and the acting is excellent. The movie kept me engaged throughout its entirety, and I didn’t want to stop watching it.

As one of the best South African films in recent times, Kedibone has both good and bad moments throughout its storyline. Many notable moments in the film shine with their robust execution. Ultimately, Kedibone is worth watching purely for the cast’s star power and their impeccable delivery.

Kedibone is streaming on Netflix.

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Kedibone is a visual, symbolic and metaphorical feast for the eyes.


  1. 10/10 great production, a true reflection of a South African story undiluted. Big up to the producers the actors even the security guards and the floor cleaners that were indirectly a part of this movie. Well done. Sithi halala kuni. I love the movie Kedibone it exposes the dark side of the glamorous life the things that make celebrities go through mental health problems. The movie is educational it’s good for young girls who are eager to me famous and be great. This movie shows them the true picture.

  2. Great movie through and through. It succeeds in properly delivering the struggles faced by young females in most probably many professions. The ending however could’ve been more elaborate and thought of. The movie basically ends on a cliff hanger with the accident and then fast forwards to one year in the future to show a scene that has no storyline connection to the previous scene of the accident. The obviousness of showing the BMW with Kedibone standing next to it just does not tie the movie together and therefore the last scene felt more like an afterthought to just close the movie on a positive note. An overall solid movie though. #shout out to @ Natasha

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Kedibone (2020) Review: Intense and Thoughtful Portrayal of EmotionsKedibone is a visual, symbolic and metaphorical feast for the eyes.