Kadaseela Biriyani (2021) Review: Vijay Ram Starrer Is Dark, Engaging and Something New

Kadaseela Biriyani on Netflix is a Tamil language drama that gets darker with each passing minute. The film is directed and written by debutant Nishanth Kalidindi and stars Vijay Ram (who we know from Netflix’s Super Deluxe) along with other brilliant actors such as Vasanth Selvam, Dinesh Mani and Hakkim Shahjahan. With a runtime of a little less than 2 hours, Kadaseela Biriyani is both an entertaining and disturbing watch.

– Netflix’s Kadaseela Biriyani (2021) review does not contain spoilers –

Kadaseela Biriyani: A Modern Dark Tale

Kadaseela Biriyani starts with a narration that essentially serves as a prologue that is voiced by Vijay Sethupathi giving us a recap up of events until we land ourselves in the present time. We hear the story of the three Pandi brothers who were born in a household where their mother was a keen advocate for violence and their father has always been a pacifist. Due to this turmoil, the father leaves with the youngest of the Pandi brothers, Chikku to settle in another village and have an ideal life, away from violence.

Fast forward and we land ourselves in a present-day conversation between Chikku and his brothers. The older two are selling revenge for their father’s death (instigated by the mother) whereas Chikku wants nothing to do with it. The brothers target the rich and influential rubber estate owner and Chikku is forced to tag along. However, as sweet as revenge sounds, it has never been easy to exact one without falling into trouble.

The villain of this story emerges as the businessman’s psychopathic son shows up to stop the three brothers from succeeding in their goal. However, if the three brothers will overcome the dark one in their story and successfully bathe themselves in revenge blood remains a mystery until the very end. One thing is that can be grandly put forward about this film, that it will not bore you, even for a minute.

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All the prominent actors as well as the supporting cast is phenomenal in their roles, delivering us with everything we’d want to see. They are raw, brutal and funny with their dark and absurd humour. There is not a single moment that you are not engaged with the storyline and what is the next move planned by the characters. The cinematography is another pillar that uplifts the film adding to the mystery and gore to the premise.

Nishanth Kalidindi cherishes every moment as he tells us the story of Kadaseela Biriyani. He dives in headfirst to bruise us and disturb us with every passing scene. However, even though this film holds a lot of potentials to be a phenomenal one, the lack of background score and sound editing kills the engine at times. It almost strains your ears to get through parts of this film without rewinding and listening to dialogues exchanged by our characters.

Kadaseela Biriyani: Final Verdict

Nonetheless, Kadaseela Biriyani is a unique and brilliant film and very unlike the ones that are usually produced in the Tamil film industry. There is no denying that the film feels too strong and straightforward at times which takes away a poetic aspect from it. But again, if the filmmaker wanted to bring forward a poetic cinema, he would have just done so. Instead, Kadeseela Biriyani is raw yet meaningful and stands strong even with its flaws, making it is an essential film to stream, enjoy and think about.

You can watch the 2021 Tamil film Kadaseela Biriyani streaming now on Netflix.

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Kadaseela Biriyani takes a deeper dive to give us a raw revenge story with dark humour.

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Kadaseela Biriyani (2021) Review: Vijay Ram Starrer Is Dark, Engaging and Something NewKadaseela Biriyani takes a deeper dive to give us a raw revenge story with dark humour.