SonyLIV’s Kaanekkaane (2021) Review: A Emotional Thriller

Directed by Manu Ashokan, Kaanekkaane intimidates the audience with a complex turn of events, burning slowly into our screens. It puts to tests the strength and intentions of complex human bonds and serves as an emotional thriller.

Screenplay writers Bobby and Sanjay do a tremendous job in keeping the slow-burning pace alive and never boring. The film deals with flawed, humane characters that help the audience connect with this impactful Malayalam- drama thriller.

Trailer for Kaanekkaane (2021)

– Kaanekkane review contains mild spoilers –

Kaanekkaane Review: Predictable Climax, Unpredictable Character Depth

On average, the premise of Kaanekkaane is predictable. It serves the basic whodunnit plot. But, what amazes the audience is the layers the characters provide making the film a worthy watch.

The opening credits of the film start with a close inspection of a body wrapped in a white sheet, with splotches of blood covering the sheet-like open wounds in an all-seeming perfect life. Somewhat, what the story is going to be like:

A year after Sherin’s death, her father visits the son-in-law Allen for the first time only to find him living his life in harmony with his present wife Sneha and Sherin’s son Kuttu. This brings turmoil in Sherin’s father Paul’s mind and he begins to investigate his daughter untimely death by looking more closely at the past which unearths some buried secrets.

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From the very start, we can sense a breeze of uneasiness and tension amongst the characters. Suraj Venjaramoodu who plays Paul Mathai in the film is introverted and carries the baggage of his daughter’s death. Tovino Thomas as Allen is visibly depressed, detached and guilt-ridden to face his life anymore.

Both these characters bring to screen the duality of taking a decision- if is right or wrong? When one person’s right is another person’s wrong, how do you justify what stands righteous and true in the mess?

But, who do we stand by when all the raw emotions and myriad of flaws unveil to help us understand the different perspectives of the story? The point-of-view of each imperfect character is so perfectly put together on screen that by the end it is difficult for the audience to pick sides. At one time we are crying with Paul over a cup of tea and the next moment trying to empathize with Allen’s condition.

Another complex bundle of emotions are unloaded by Aishwarya Lekshmi’s Sneha who is conflicted and troubled by the death of Sherin and the emotional unavailability of her always drunk husband.

The background score by music director Ranjin Raj gels beautifully with the moments the film has to offer us, uniting all the ties in the movie.

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Kaanekkaane Review: Final Thoughts

A father’s fight to help himself overcome his daughter’s death. A man’s struggle to live with the death of his wife. A wife’s crushed desires of a successful marriage. A child who is in the dark of reality but soon to be tainted with some jarring truths about his life. All of these features team up together to give us an exploring ride of human emotions and relationships.

Kaanekkane serves us the right temperament as a thriller from the very start be it the plot, music or cinematography. Yes, the predictable climax comes midday during the film but you still want to watch it till the end to study the layered humans and their bonds.

You can watch Kaanekkaane on SonyLIV.

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SonyLIVs Kaanekkaane gives the audience the same whodunnit but with a complex set of human relationships that are to be untangled.

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