JugJugg Jeeyo Review: Entertaining in Parts While Enlightening About the Mess of Marriage and Divorce

JugJugg Jeeyo starring Neetu Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Kiara Advani, Maniesh Paul, Prajakta Koli and Tisca Chopra, is now out in theatres. Directed by Raj Mehta, the story is by Anurag Singh. The screenplay is by Rishhabh Sharrma (also dialogues), Anurag Singh, and Sumit Batheja. Jay I Patel is the cinematographer of the film edited by Manish More. The music is by Mithoon, Tanishk Bagchi, Kanishk Seth-Kavita Seth, Diesby, Pozy and Vishal Shelke.

The comedy-drama is produced by Dharma Productions and Viacom18 Studios and has a runtime of 150 minutes. The synopsis reads, “JugJugg Jeeyo is a story set in the heart of Patiala, and much like the city, it’s full of love and laughter, colour and drama. It’s about family and its values, unresolved yearnings, and unexpected reconciliations. “

JugJugg Jeeyo Review: Plot Summary

In Raj Mehta’s JugJugg Jeeyo, we are introduced to young Naina (Kiara Advani) and Kukoo (Varun Dhawan). The two have been fond of each other since school days. Their romance goes on for years and they get married to each other. Five years later, we meet the unhappy Naina and Kukoo, in Canada with divorce on their mind. There’s hardly any communication and place for love in their busy, sad lives.

The trailer shows that Naina and Kukoo return to Patiala for Kukoo’s sister Ginny’s wedding. The duo decides to act as a happy couple until the wedding day. In Patiala, we meet the happy couple Geeta Saina (Neetu Kapoor) and Bheem Saini (Anil Kapoor), who have been married for 35 years.

When Kukoo tries to tell his father about his and Naina’s decision to get separated, Bheem drops a big bomb. His father wants to divorce his mother as he loves someone else. Geeta is unaware of what her husband is up to.

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It’s a total mess in the lives of the married couples and the Saini family. How long will they pretend that everything is fine? What will happen when everyone learns about Kukoo-Naina and Bheem’s decision to divorce Geeta?

JugJugg Jeeyo Still 1

JugJugg Jeeyo Review: Discussion

Many Indians love marriages, and our grand weddings prove it. However, the word ‘divorce’ scares the hell out of family members, especially the elderly. But is every marriage a happy one? Are all partners together because they want to be? What if the couple finds no way to resolve their issues and believes that separation is the only way? What if one feels disrespected and mistreated by their partner and can’t take it anymore?

If we sit and think of ground reality or look around us, divorce is never seen as a positive decision. However, if the couple is unhappy, it might add positivity to the lives of the separated individuals. In JugJugg Jeeyo, director Raj Mehta not only has to show us how messy marriages can be but also why it’s okay to separate from the spouse when things go out of hand. There’s only a limit to how much one can endure and ignore for years.

JugJugg Jeeyo sheds light on the unspoken troubles and sacrifices one partner makes to keep the relationship going. But we see how every story has two sides. The things we first loved about the partner might not be that appealing after some time due to differences or lack of passion.

Mehta is tackling the serious topic with a comedic relief in parts. Most of the comedy in the film is done by Anil Kapoor and Maniesh Paul. Sometimes the jokes land; sometimes, they feel forced. The humour always doesn’t make sense and should’ve been left at the editing table, especially in the first half. It would’ve saved JugJugg Jeeyo from being too lengthy.

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JugJugg Jeeyo Review: Entertaining in Parts While Enlightening About the Mess of Marriage and Divorce

Anil Kapoor has always been exceptional with funny scenes. I felt weird while laughing at his jokes considering Bheem was my least favourite character. There was no limit to Bheem’s weird jokes and erratic and selfish behaviour. In a drunk scene, Varun and Anil crack the sexist wife jokes like many Indian uncles. I wonder what the intention of that scene is. Was it to make us look at how pathetic husbands they are who talk crap about their wives behind the back? Or it was added to make people laugh like these uncles who make such jokes think it’s “funny”? I hope it’s the former.

When the story takes an emotional turn, it hits you hard. Even if some of us aren’t married, we have seen our parents fight and yell at each other. The director as rightly captured that in a sequence featuring Varun and Kiara. It is one of the most intense sequences. While Varun does a good job, Kiara overpowers him with her commendable performance. Raj has utilised Advani to her fullest potential, which has not been the case with her recent releases. Varun has most of the screenspace and he does a great job as Kukoo and the varied emotions and drama he has to deal with.

In the Saini family that is overly dramatic, Neetu Kapoor brings calmness and grace with her character Geeta Saini. It was delightful to see the actor back on the big screen. I hope she stays and keeps treating us with more such incredible performances.

JugJugg Jeeyo Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, JugJugg Jeeyo is partly entertaining, emotional, and dramatic and enlightens us with the messy side of marriage and divorce. I loved the climax and am happy the writers and director did not take a typical approach. The film has fantastic performances, good music and some tear-jerker scenes.

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JugJugg Jeeyo Review: Raj Mehta presents an enjoyable family drama while highlighting an important topic.

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JugJugg Jeeyo Review: Entertaining in Parts While Enlightening About the Mess of Marriage and DivorceJugJugg Jeeyo Review: Raj Mehta presents an enjoyable family drama while highlighting an important topic.