Netflix’s Johnny Test’s Ultimate Meatloaf Quest Review: Alternate Reality Is Fun!

Directed by Tim Stuby and Jim Miller, Netflix Futures’ 2021 series Johnny Test’s Ultimate Meatloaf Quest offers a truckload of laughter. The series is written by Tim Stuby and Jim Miller in collaboration with Scott Fellows. The cast comprises James Arnold Taylor, Ian James Corlett, Trevor Devall, Emily Tennant, Andrew Francis, Maryke Hendrikse and Lee Tockar. The show is an interactive epic quest that thoroughly claims your presence. The runtime on average for an interactive session is about 20 minutes.

– Netflix’s Johnny Test’s Ultimate Meatloaf Quest review does not contain spoilers –

Johnny Test’s Ultimate Meatloaf Quest:

Johnny Test has been a well-loved cartoon comedy over the years. The friendship between Johnny and his dog, Dukey, and their adventures are memorable pieces of one’s childhood. Johnny’s brainiac sisters Susan and Mary are, of course, the ones sending him on these uncalled for adventures as they put their brother to outrageous scientific experiments. This Netflix interactive show follows the same trope.

It is meatloaf night and Johnny’s father always makes the worst meatloaf ever! To save themselves from this tragic night and more such nights to come, Susan and Mary decide to send Johnny and Dukey on a quest to an alternate reality for the hunt to find the best meatloaf and its recipe. The alternate reality band placed on Johnny’s head helps the sisters to help Johnny make a decision during a tough call. What they don’t know yet is the power to make Johnny choose rests with the viewers!

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Thus, Johnny’s quest to find the perfect meatloaf starts and you, the viewer, get to choose which realities he will be jumping into and how he can retrieve to take the best meatloaf out of the lot home within time! The sisters have, of course, provided Johnny and us with a stingray gun in case of emergencies which tends to happen a lot during the quest.

We are met with ginormous cats who invade one alternate reality and in the other, we land ourselves in a monster verse. During these tough times, we need to make the call on Johnny’s behalf to survive and successfully finish the quest. There are alternate endings to the interactive show starting from Johnny actually finding his way to get home the perfect meatloaf to ending up in our reality to never return back.

Here are some choices I made for Johnny & Dukey on the quest:

  • Using the sting ray gun everytime it seemed necessary.
  • Picking the red and blue portals for a more thrilling experience rather than the yellow one.
  • Listening to the logical suggestions given by Susan and Mary.

These choices are suggestions the audience can follow while on this interactive quest to get a more wholesome experience. However, what realities lie behind each portal and the power of the stingray gun is for the audience to find out. One can undo and redo their choices and repeat the whole quest over and over again to find themselves stuck with different endings.

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Johnny Test’s Ultimate Meatloaf Quest: Final Verdict

Johnny Test’s Ultimate Meatloaf Quest is a fun interactive Netflix show, especially for kids. It is sweet, smart and hilarious. Of course, Johnny and Dukey are the stars of the show but again, it will only happen if you make them one! Spare a good 30 minutes time and enjoy finding yourself immersed in this quest.

You can stream Johnny Test’s Ultimate Meatloaf Quest now on Netflix.

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Johnny Test's Ultimate Meatloaf Quest is a Netflix interactive show that is fun and adventurous!

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